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JUNE REPARATION MESSAGES (Thursday/3rd Friday, Year B)


DATE: 23RD JULY, 1997

TIME: 9:00 PM



During our novena prayer with Mass and adoration, I saw, in a vision, Our Lord Jesus Christ in the cloud. Immediately, He came nearer to me holding a sword. Divine Light shone greatly from the sword, and then He said:

“Today, I come to you with love and beg you, My loving children, to pray and watch always. Be careful always. Never let the enemy defeat you. Never, I say to you, never let any of you fall into the sin of the flesh. I say to you, be careful not to chase the Holy Spirit away. Your enemy is fighting you. He plans for your downfall. Pray always. Meditate on My agony; you will be filled with power. Call on My Precious Blood; your enemy will be defeated. Console and adore My Precious Blood, I will protect you. Make constant reparation for the sins committed against My Precious Blood. Sinners will change their ways and turn to Me.

My children, pray this Chaplet of My Precious Blood, I promise to destroy many kingdoms of your enemy, the evil spirits.

Many of you, who look at My Crucifix and still harden their hearts, let My agony touch your souls. My children love Me and console Me. I will not answer any questions from you because you make noise; you disturbed Heaven in your adoration. Keep yourselves holy and speak less. Live a life of silence tomorrow; fight and conquer your enemy.

Please, My children, if anyone among you loves Me, let him console Me and show Me love in this adoration always. My Precious Blood will show mercy. I am with you all.

I bless you all”

Immediately the vision passed and then appeared two great swords in the cloud crossing each other. In the middle, there were a chalice and a Sacred Host on the top. Then I came back.




TIME: 2:00 PM



In our reparation prayer, I saw again the vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging alive on the Cross. At the foot of the Cross was Our Lady, Queen of the Precious Blood, weeping and at the same time praying in reparation for the sins of the world. As I was watching, the cloud covered the whole place. In the cloud above the Cross were the Saints and Angels of Heaven who were consoling the Agonizing Jesus Christ.

After a while, Our Lady rose up from the foot of the Cross and came towards us and said:

“My children, I come to share with you, my little children, the love I have for my Agonizing Son, and the one I have for you, my children.

Many did not understand the great favour given to you last night by St. Michael the Archangel. It is indeed a great favour. Children, your hearts were locked not to understand this great call of love. You opened your eyes, and could not see; but you, who will understand now, will be filled with joy.

I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who obtained these favours for you through my bloody tears.

Children, immediately you leave this gathering, you will understand in full, why you were called. Some will be willing to see these days again, but it will be too late. I plead with you to follow well; let not any of the Heavenly blessings pass you. Open your hearts for Jesus Christ, who loves you much.

My children, I am begging you, with tears, my children, to keep away from your body, the Temple of the Holy Spirit, any properties of the Evil One. Keep your body natural and holy. Remember, my children, that you are not the owner of this body. It belongs to my loving Husband. He wants your body to be mortified and purified. Look at the body of my Agonizing Son, disfigured with Wounds and Blood. What effort are you making to console Him? Keep your body holy. Run away from all these make-ups; collagen and its products. They are among the chains that bind you captive in the world. Children, what can you not give up in order for you to possess eternity? Is it these evil products? Hear your Mother; keep yourself holy so that your body will be raised up on the last day.

I will offer you a White Rose by 1:50 pm (that is 10 minutes to 2.00 pm) tomorrow. It is for your sanctity and holiness. At the same hour, my Son will crown some heads among you with thorns, those who are willing to offer Him a special love. At that time, you will maintain absolute silence and meet Him with your spirit till 2.00 pm. If you will, you will receive the Crown of Thorns from Him. Remember, my son, that carnal mind cannot understand these things I am telling you for they are spiritual matters.

Remember to do your consecration to the Precious Blood. At that time, Heaven will fill you all with the necessary gifts to carry out the Divine Plan, that is, those who consecrate themselves to my Son.

Children, your understanding about the Seal is very little. I am the one who obtained it for you, through my bloody tears. I want you all to think about the Seal again. It is for you, it is for you, it is for the whole world. Barnabas, I will obtain for you and for all who want to know more about the Seal, “the Holy Spirit of truth”. Fear not when you are preaching about it. It is the last mercy from Heaven. All who lose their Seal will not enter the Era of Peace that is coming. They will have the ‘666’mark of the Beast,

I am happy with your little effort because you did not come as the Israelites came to Mount Sinai when they heard the Voice of God and begged not to hear it anymore. So, receive my blessings: Let the grace, which pours out from the Wounds of my pierced Immaculate Heart descend on you. May it increase your love for the Agonizing Jesus Who loves you all. May my bloody tears obtain for you the peace of sanctity and faith. I will hide you in my Immaculate Heart. Come! Have mercy on Jesus. I bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed.




TIME: 12:00 NOON




Today, being the seventh day of my desert outing, the last day of my mortification programme. I was tempted to stay more, but that was not the will of God. I was in prayer when I saw the glory of the Lord coming down from the cloud. In the cloud, I saw the Agonizing Jesus Christ with His Hands tied and His Head crowned with thorns. He wore a red mantle with an iron rod in His Hand, descending down from the cloud as He sat on His Throne.

I was lifted up in the spirit high up to the Throne. Our Lord looked up and said:

“On the day when My tied hands will be loosened and lifted up in triumph to rule; on the day when this Crown of Thorns will be replaced with a Glorious Crown, and the robe stained with Blood replaced with a Royal Mantle, the whole world will see My loving Kingdom, My Kingdom of peace. Happy are all who are called to see this hour. When this hour comes, there will be no more pains, no more sorrow, no worries; all these old things will have passed away. There will be only one True Church and one True Faith. The whole world will acknowledge the value of My Sacrificial Death. My Precious Blood will reign forever.

Children, how then will this hour come? The hour will come soon through you. I have called you to hasten the hour. You are the Apostles of My Glorious Reign. May I find consolation in you. Children, even if the whole world turns against Me, May you stand for Me.

You will be persecuted. The whole world will hate you because of Me. You will suffer many disappointments because you want to do My Will. You will miss many opportunities because they are evil, and you can’t do them. All these are what you will suffer so as to hasten the hour.

Children, you will not be in a haste to see the hour, but yield yourself entirely to the Will of your God. He alone knows the hour. Your total submission to His Will shall do much better to hasten the hour than your worries and your anxiety. You are men of blind mind and eyes. How can a blind man see something far from his reach? He sees with the vision of the mind, what he touches or feels. In the same way, you will not see what is beyond you because they are Heavenly matters. How can the corrupt mind of man understand the incorruptible mind of the Most Holy God? The way of Heaven is not the way of the world. Little by little, I am making My way known to My little children.

Do not allow yourselves to fall into confusion or become insane while you are thinking of how Heaven will carry out its plan. No human being will understand fully and explain well how it will happen. Children, I say it is beyond your understanding. What you will bear in mind always is that it will happen sooner than you think.

Children, what I need of you is to yield to the Divine Will. You will not stumble in darkness. All will come to pass on the day you do not know and will not know. Then My Kingdom will come. He who endures till the end will be saved.

Barnabas, I am happy to see you fulfil this call. Receive My blessing”.

He prayed silently for a short time and said:

“I bless you, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. GO AND MAKE MY WILL KNOWN to the world. Peace be with you always”.

Immediately, the whole vision passed. I was filled with strength. Later on, in the evening I went back home.



DATE: 26TH JULY 1998

TIME: 9:00 PM



In our novena prayer, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging on the Cross. Blood oozed out from the Wounds on the Sacred Body. Within a short time, a cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, there appeared the Holy Face of Jesus Christ in agony. He calmly said:

“My children, My children, the great day of darkness is coming. The day, which many hearts anxiously await, is coming now; but many hearts are cold. The day that is coming is too terrible and fearful. Children, think of how many that will be saved? Remember that no unrepentant sinner will survive.

Wake up, My children, and move out for evangelization. I am consoled whenever I see you preaching in My Name. I will deliver anyone who believes and repents of his sins.

Teach men much about My agony and My Precious Blood, which saved them. Teach them the prayers I taught you. I will come nearer and touch their lives. My Precious Blood will save them. Many of you will soon lose your zeal and love for evangelization because of stubbornness, which the enemy poured on the hearts of men. They will look and look, but cannot see; listen and listen, but cannot hear. This is the handwork of the enemy. Persist in your work of salvation now. Call My people back to Me; tell them that I say to them: “RETURN”. My children, if the flock continues wandering in the desert till the wolf causes disorderliness, it will be hard to find them.

I say to you, spread this devotion now. Labour much now for souls, so that your hearts will not be troubled when the great hour comes. Very soon, very soon, the fulfilment hour will come. Pray that you all will be on your watch.

Run for your lives. I bless you all”.

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 16TH JUNE, 2000

TIME: 1:00 AM




In my preparatory prayer for the retreat I had planned for Oturkpo diocese, I saw the vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ on the Cross bleeding. He gazed at me steadily, and calmly said:

“MY SON, THE PRECIOUS MINUTES ARE PASSING AWAY, the terrible day is fast approaching. On that day men will regret any precious second not well-utilized. I plead with you My loving children to make use of your precious moments. KEEP EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE HOLY AND UTILIZE IT WELL. These seconds are precious. You cannot get them again the moment they pass.

Be it known to you My son, that I am passing through My agonizing seconds. I am losing My loved ones, those I have redeemed with My Blood. I am looking for someone to console Me but find none. As the days are running out, I find you. I recognized you as My chosen. I was happy to see you again. Son, but even now the precious moments are passing without being utilized. MANY ARE GETTING LOST, BECAUSE THERE IS NO ONE TO PRAY FOR THEM, TO TEACH THEM THE WAY, AND TO SHOW THEM THE LIGHT. You have kept My warnings and My appeal to the world sealed with you, while the precious seconds are passing away. And you will not see them again.

My son, I chose you to be a fisher of souls. Have My Heart consoled through your effort of saving souls. I am looking forward to the day when My agonizing seconds will become joyful seconds. On that day, all who suffered with the Son of Man will reign with Him forever.

Barnabas, why are you delaying My teaching to the world? Clearly, write out the inspiration I gave you in the desert and submit it to Rev. Fr. Christopher Enem for the Nihil – Obstat, after final editing by your spiritual director. Then, give it to Rev. Sr. Fidelia Omuta who will send it to your Bishop. The source will not be disclosed to him but the truth will be revealed to him when you meet him and inform him. Then, you will publish it and make it known to the whole world. The title will be: “THE LIVING SANCTUARY IN OUR SOUL – THE GREAT SEAL”.

These things shall be done before the second call of reparation. Know that the precious seconds are passing away. I have seen your little effort towards the making of the crucifix. I will give you the date of the second reparation on the 25th of this month. I will explain the Programme during your novenas of the month of July. The precious time is passing away. Do not delay as before, I plead with you again.

Inform My people of the great novena of the month of July. Let it be done in families, in groups and in the Church. I have chosen the month of July to be a great month for My Precious Blood. I am opening the ocean of My Blood in this month for mercy and salvation. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, the Spotless Lamb.

I love you. I bless you.”

Instantly, the vision passed.



DATE: 12TH JAN. 2001




In our prayer during this hour, a cloud came down and covered the whole Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar, as I saw in a vision. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who said:

“My children, as the day approaches, I see you, My Apostles, growing more carnally than spiritually. It seems as if you have just heard My call for the first time. I look to see your spiritual growth, but find you declining from carnal to natural man. It pains Me greatly My children, and My Apostles, that you could not understand how to respond to My appeal of November 12, 1999; and are not willing to carry out the rest of the appeals I gave you. After I had given you some light on 6th January 2000, you still did not understand.

What a carnal-minded people you are! What confusion you are causing to yourselves and to the world! Why are you wedging My lovers not to do My Will? Children, why can't you understand how, and when, to respond to My appeal? Your poor spirituality pains Me much.

My Kingdom of Peace is coming soon. The total renewal of My Church is fast approaching. I am training lovers from among the most little, the most illiterate, the most neglected and rejected ones, to hasten this hour of peace through their patience and martyrdom. My lovers will carry My appeal of love in silence and in peace, in humility and in love. They will be courageous and determined to do My Will in holy obedience. They will not rest until they achieve their goal, that is, My Glorious Kingdom. Children, I solemnly promise My lovers, that even if they do not live to see the day of My Glorious Kingdom, their dead bodies shall jubilate in their tombs.

Even now, My carnal-minded Apostles will not understand. Children, your carnal lives hinder many teachings of love, and of holiness. You could only allow Me to give you the Holy Cross of Perfection and little others.

Grow up to maturity, My Apostles, and enjoy the peace of My call.


Children, when you meet with My Bishop about this call, do not waste your time troubling yourselves about the appeal on how to stand for Me against the errors that are fighting the root of My Church. In the fullness of time, I will stand and do My work, which is Mine alone; though I hope you will help Me hasten the hour. But if you relax, I can do My work, even through nothing.

Discuss much on how to carry out the evangelization of this holy devotion I gave you. Discuss the approval of the devotion. Ask for blessing and listen with obedience to his advice. I will give you the only message for the programme by 3.00 pm on 2nd February 2001. Children, never forget to explain the devotion fully to him.


My agony grows with a bitter pain over your coldness and mindlessness towards My appeal. How many of you are preaching My Will and living it as well? I can hardly find any.

Your immodesty displeases Me. How then can you preach against it? None of you has accepted with love the Cross of Perfection. How can you preach it with love and sincere heart?

Children, go! I am sending you everywhere, to nations, to kingdoms, to the rural and urban areas, to the little and the great; make My Will known to them. Multiply the Gethsemane Hour in every Church of mine. Even now, My carnal Apostles will not hear this appeal.


Children, what have you done with the Cross I gave you?

(Long silence)

I recommend to all My Apostles the Church-approved exorcism prayer of the 18th century. Raise the Agonizing Cross I gave you against the power of darkness, and say the prayer with the sign of the cross. In the end, say "Merciful Agonizing Jesus Christ! Pour Your Precious Blood on our souls, satisfy our thirst and defeat the enemy. Powerful Blood of Salvation - fight the enemy." Do this in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. You will conquer.

Say this prayer every day, since the battle is great, and the darkness is overshadowing the world. I would have taught you a greater prayer than this for battle but it will tempt your obedience, since you are not allowed to distribute any further messages. If you are allowed before the time, I will help you. Wherever the prayer is said, darkness will surely give place to light.


Children, the battle is great, but you are growing more carnal minded. I will give you a message about the land of Gethsemane and of Mount Carmel by 12 midnight tonight. I will admonish you more and give you My blessings. I love you all. Learn and grow up to maturity.

So, I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” (Amen.)

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 17TH DEC. 1999




During this hour, I saw a vision of the Holy Face of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. He was bathed in sweat and Blood. The dazzling light of the Presence of the Lord shone forth: In the cloud, the Face drew closer to me and said:

“My son, today being the last Third Friday of this year, I welcome you and all the lovers of My Precious Blood into this hour of My Seal and great purification. My Precious Blood will be a sure sign of your salvation. Have My Seal of love. I bless you all.

My son, on the day when the Evil One will appear to attack the light, there will be a great upheaval; confusion and sorrow will be everywhere. Mouths will cry and cry without any consolation, eyes will weep until there are no more tears; still there will be no hope.

On that day, you will understand what I meant when I said to you; “Have My Seal!” All who lose their Seal will perish since they will have the seal of the Evil One, the ‘666’ mark. Son, I want to reign in your heart, and in the hearts of all men. Through you, I will establish My Kingdom in the hearts of all men and then comes My Glorious Reign on earth. Give Me your hearts; make your soul worthy of My dwelling. I will do My work alone. What I say to you, I say to all My lovers: Give me your heart! Make it a living sanctuary for My dwelling. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who loves you.

Barnabas, during the reparation, come before Me to have My message every 2.00 pm of the day. Come to My altar and kneel before Me. I will give you My message, which you will obey. My people will adore Me with their prayers during this hour.

Son, let no one sleep in My Presence. You will annoy the Father and all the Heavenly Beings who come to adore the Sacrificial Lamb with you. Maintain silence during these days.

I am near to help you all.

Peace be with you.

I bless you all.”



DATE: 31ST DEC. 1999




During this hour, on Mount Carmel, Olo, we were praying in reparation when I saw in a vision, two double-edged swords crossing each other in the cloud. At their point of intersection was an arrow pointing down to the earth.

After a while, there was great lightning and thunder, which shook the whole place. Instantly, the first vision passed. Then appeared, again, the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ weeping and totally bathed in Blood, which gushed out from the Wounds of the pierced Head.

Our Lord kept silent for a while and then said: “My son and My children, I am pleased to see a great number of My people who by this night are entering into the new millennium, watching and praying. I bless you all. Let My peace be with you all.

My Son, I come to accept your loving reparation prayer, and inform you of the great era you are living in now. Your prayers console Me much. I need more of your reparation prayers and lives of suffering. Make constant reparation for your sins and those of the whole world. My Wounds will be healed.

My son and My children, keep in mind all My warnings and admonitions to you. I am deeply troubled because the hour I foretold you would catch many people like a thief. Many are already stumbling by the wave of the hour. Who then will survive it?

My son and My children, hear it today that in these first years of this century you are about to enter, the Evil One, the Beast and his agents will make themselves known. They will manifest their power and rule over all the people of this earth for a while. They will try to force all and put men under their command. In these years, the Mark of the Beast will reign for a while. The Mark is 666. It is the central code number of the computer. It is the Dragon’s number. Be careful not to join the Beast.

My son and my children, it is in these years of this century that you will see with your eyes the great confusion in the Vatican. This will result in the flight of the Pope from Vatican City. What I mean, My children is that you are entering into the great Era of Confusion. Soon, the ocean of Divine Mercy will cease flowing. At that time, anything laid outside the Precious Blood will lay waste. But all who are living under the protection of My Precious Blood will have abundant grace.

Listen, My children, it is true that the Evil One, the Beast will come but how terrible for the nation which will bring forth the Beast. Woe to that land because the anger of the Eternal Father is about to descend upon it. Very soon, these fortified cities will turn into a desert.

Pray, pray much for your nation. My Mother is deeply weeping for this nation. This is the cause of her Bloody Tears. Because I love you all, My son, I am still weeping for you. Pray that this land will not give birth to any of these Beasts.

Remain in faith, follow the desert way, carry your cross and follow Me always, even if the world rejects you. Surely, they will reject you, but I am with you. I finally confirm to you that, in the end, My Kingdom will come. Then, you will reign with Me in the midst of My Angels forever. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I bless you all.”




TIME: 2.00 PM



During this hour, in our Reparation Prayer, I went up near the Holy Sanctuary, before the exposed Blessed Sacrament. In a vision, I saw the cloud descending on the Holy Sanctuary. The cloud covered the whole place. I saw also, the dazzling light of God’s Presence descending on the altar.

After a while, there appeared Our Lord Jesus Christ hanging alive in great agony on the Cross. His Mother was also kneeling in a sorrowful mood at the foot of the Cross. Above the Cross were numerous Angels and Saints. The Saints were on the right side, while the Angels were on the left side. They all folded their hands in prayer.

Our Lord drew nearer to me as He was hanging on the Cross. Instantly, a cloud came down again and covered the whole place. In the cloud, appeared the Holy Face of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. He calmly said:

“My children, I welcome you all who have come from your various destinations to this great call of love. In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, I bless you all. Peace be with you! Peace be with you!! Peace be with you!!! I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who is calling you. I call you all to give you My peace. I call you all, so that you will be one. I say, again, peace be with you! Peace be with you!! Peace be with you!!! I don’t want My children to be in confusion in this disordered world. This is what motivated Me to call all of you and give you My peace.

Children, do you want My peace?

“Yes, My Lord, give us Your peace”. I answered.

He continued:

“Listen; make this place your home during these days and nights. Offer Me your lives. Offer Me your prayers. Keep this arena holy. Let there be silence. Barnabas, you see these Heavenly Visitors? Look, here are Saint Theresa, St. Joseph, St. Peter, St. Francis, etc. Here are Archangel Michael and his companions, and there is My Mother weeping at the foot of the Cross. Heaven is with you. They are here willingly to join you in your prayers. I plead with you to keep absolute silence in this arena. Eat communally and pray communally.

Barnabas, the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed throughout the days and nights, except during the hour of Holy Mass.

On these days, Heaven will direct you. I will answer one question from you every day. Children, open your hearts to accept all I will tell you. There are many things I have made appeals to you in the past but you pay little attention to them. I will appeal more to you again. I beg you to help Me.

Listen, My children, all who follow Me will not be in confusion. A time is coming, the time is not far when all men will be subjected to confusion, but My peace will remain with you forever. I am here to heal the wounds of your hearts. I am here to console you, My children. I am here to hide you from the sight of your enemies. I am here to seal you all. I am here to give you My joy.

I love you all. I bless you all.”




TIME: 2:00 PM



In our reparation prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision, a beautiful green field burning at a high rate, but not even a leaf was consumed. After a while, a cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging alive on the Cross. Above the Cross was the Eternal Father Whose Glory filled the whole sight. At the foot of the Cross was Our Lady lying in a sorrowful posture. The Angels and the Saints were also present. They offered their prayers in consolation to the Agonizing Jesus Christ.

As I was looking, Our Lady got up and drew close to me. Instantly, the cloud came down and covered the whole place. Then, there remained only the vision of Our Lady holding a Crown of Thorns. She wept bitterly and could not even say a word. I then prayed thus: “Mother, why are you weeping? I know it is because of my sins. Stop weeping, Mother, stop weeping. Have mercy on me. I will ….,”. I could not finish the statement when Our Lady said:

“Receive this gift from me. It is a loving gift I received from the Eternal Father through my Son. It is the only thing I have. It is for you and for all the lovers of my Son’s Precious Blood”. Then she offered me a well-fixed Crown of Thorns and added: “It pleases my Son greatly whenever He sees anyone who loves this Crown and adores His agonizing life through it.

Listen and rejoice, my children, for I have obtained many favours from the hands of my Son. Your adoration pleases me greatly. He promised me and said:

I will bless all who come here. I will not allow anyone who comes here to get lost. He said: ‘There are many other apostles who are not here; they have laboured much for Me. They are among those whom I have blessed.’

My children, you will not understand this great blessing given to you by my Son because your understanding is limited. Listen, my children, and hear the message I have for you. Through this message, you will understand this great blessing.

My Son made a choice by calling His Apostles to spread the devotion to His Precious Blood. Only very few responded to His call. When He saw the neglect of the Apostles He has chosen, His agony grew. The agony of my Son pierces my Immaculate Heart. Then, I moved and chose my own Apostles to spread the devotion. I chose you and all who are spreading the devotion willingly or for self-interest. They are many. They are all over the world. My son, I do all so as to console my Agonizing Son, Jesus Christ. My children, do not be discouraged when you see those people. Your graces will be in abundance if you can understand.

Listen, my children, my Son says that you will not come again till the great disorderliness comes. I have obtained from my Son the grace to allow you to come whenever you wish to have any directive from Him. He promised also to inform you on what to do, the way to follow and where to stand on in these evil days.

Listen, my children; all of you who will participate fully in this reparation pilgrimage will not be lost. The Evil One will not harm you. My Son will grant you whatever you wish to be for Him. Those who want to offer their lives for my Son will give it freely to me. They are those who will be martyred! I told you, son, their reward is highly great.

My son, don’t ask me any question today because you have little grace to understand it now. Tomorrow, my Son will dispel the cloud of confusion in your heart. This is the reason why you are called. I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I love you all who have come to adore my Son. Let peace from Heaven be with you all. I bless you all”.




TIME: 5:30 PM



In our five days reparation prayer at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Imezi-Owa, we had, among other items on the Programme; the reading and sharing of the messages.

On the 4th of January in the year 2000, we read the message of 12th November, 1999. There was a division of opinion on how to put into effect the admonitions of Our Lord.

During the Holy Mass, I heard a voice which called me during the consecration, saying:’

“Barnabas, come up! I will not leave you like a sheep without a shepherd. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who called you all. I will teach you what you will do and how you will carry out My Will. Come by 12:00 midnight today; I will teach you much and give you My peace. I promise you, you will not walk in darkness. I bless you.”




TIME: 2:00 PM



Today, being the third day of our call to reparation, I saw in a vision, Our Lord holding a crucifix of His crucified life. I saw Him walking about in a desert. After a while, we met. He said to me: “Barnabas, take this.” He then offered Me the Crucifix and continued:

This is your crucified Lord, Who loves you. He is the One Whom you daily crucify. Accept it from Me; carry it always. Show it to the world; let all men have it also. Children, this is what your sins do to Me.

(The Crucifix is the same as the crucifix we all know. The difference is that the Wounds and Blood on His Sacred Body appeared enhanced. On the Cross was written, “I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who loves you”.)

“You shall make this Crucifix as you see it. I am giving it to you as the instrument and Armour, which you must all have before the Evil man comes to reign in full force. Listen, My children, all the necessary warnings have been given to you. The plans of your enemy have been made known to you. I call you all, not to give you any further warnings, but to prepare and get you ready for the Hour. You and all men are to have this cross as Armour of protection against evil forces that fill the earth now. I promise to perform numerous miracles through it. I will break their hearts of stone, and pour in My love. I promise to draw the straying souls closer to Myself through this Crucifix. Children, captives shall be freed through this Crucifix. Children, no enemy of My Holy Cross will approach this Crucifix. On the days of the Evil One, you will be able to move about freely without any harm through this Crucifix. Children, accept this gift with love. Let this order never be like the previous orders I have made known to you. If you neglect it, you will feel the gap.

Listen, My children, My Priest will anoint the first artist to make this Crucifix, so that I will fill Him with My Spirit and Wisdom. Other artists will follow the first handwork.”


“Children, I want you and all men to be consecrated to My Precious Blood. I want you all to consecrate yourselves to Me this Friday. This is the order of procedure for your consecration. There will be a Votive Mass of the Precious Blood. You will recite the prayer of consecration to the Precious Blood and have the badge of My Precious Blood as the sign of your consecration.

When you have been consecrated, it means that you will fulfil all My appeals to you. You must live the life of your consecration. All who cannot fulfil all My appeals and the orders will not receive this consecration. I will give you a special blessing from Heaven. All who will later consecrate themselves will follow this rule, which I have given to you.

Children, go back to all My messages given to you in the past. Neglect not even the least among them. Find out the neglected appeals and fulfil them. You will be filled with joy if you do so.

Make out time to read My messages. Have time for meditation. Have time to visit the holy places. Learn to live a crucified life. I am near to lead you.

Receive My blessing: Let My Precious Blood be a fountain of life to you all. Flow out, purifying water from My Sacred Side and wash their sins. Let the Wounds of your souls be healed. Let My peace be with you all. I love you all. I bless you all”.

Immediately, the vision passed.




TIME: 5:45 PM



During consecration at Mass, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who hung on the Cross. He said:

“My son, I will send Archangel Michael by 3.00 am, who will feed you with My Precious Blood. You are to keep silent till everything is over. He will teach you more about My Precious Blood. Be ready to welcome Him.

Anyone who sleeps during that hour will miss the blessing from Heaven.

Barnabas, you will make this message known on the next programme. I want only those whom I have called.

I bless you all”.



TIME: 3:00 AM




In our prayer, I saw a vision of the holy Archangel Michael; he was holding a chalice, which had a tongue of fire on its tip. He came down from the cloud with the little cherubs who adored the Spotless Lamb with hymns.

As I was looking, I saw a large crowd. They had come from different countries of the world. We were all gathered at the entrance to the Holy Sanctuary, worshipping and adoring the Most Precious Blood.

After a while, a cloud came down and covered the whole place. The Archangel Michael drew nearer to us and said:

“Drink this, all of you; this is the Precious Blood of your Master and Saviour, Jesus Christ”.

I saw in the chalice, a small Crown of Thorns and on the tip, a tongue of fire. He continued:

“This is the Chalice you will all drink. This is a Chalice of love”.

Everybody said: “Amen!” and he then shared it among us. After that, he said:

“Tonight I was sent from Heaven by the Eternal Father, to come and build a new Tabernacle of love inside your souls. I will keep this chalice inside your hearts. This is an Everlasting Seal. Whenever you feel dry, the ocean of the Blood of Christ will flow from the Tabernacle of love within you and renew you. Children of light, this establishes, today, a covenant that you will love the Agonizing Jesus Christ. You are His consolers. I am the Archangel Michael, an Apostle of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

Then, I asked, Michael: What does this Crown of Thorns in the chalice mean and what also does the flame on the tip of the chalice mean? He answered:

“I will explain them as they concern you.

The crown represents the sufferings you will undergo for the sake of Christ. It also means the pains and sorrows you will bear for the truth. The tongue of fire means your victorious reward in the end. It represents the love of God.

Son of man, you see this large number of people, they came from every part of the world. They are the Apostles of the Precious Blood. This Seal and Blessings remain forever.

Adoration and praise to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, the source of my power. May it fill you all with strength and power, Amen!

Adoration to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, which opens up the seal! May you all be sealed with the Blood, Amen!

Adoration to the Blood that opens up the ocean of Divine Mercy! May it grant you mercy in your days, Amen!

Adoration to You, Precious Blood of Jesus Christ! May you reign in their hearts forever, Amen!

Children of Light, the Eternal Father loves you all. That is what motivated Him to send me to share this blessing among you. This is to prepare you for the days that are coming.

Children of Light, think of what it means, that in your soul, there is a Sanctuary of the Most Holy Trinity. This means that your soul is a little Heaven, a dwelling place for the Holy Trinity. Give thanks to the Spotless Lamb, whose Blood opens the Seal. Honour to the Woman from whom the Word took His Blood and became man! May she open your mind to understand the value of the Most Precious Blood of Christ, Amen! Children of Light, tonight, I promise to be at your side to fight for you and to defend you. I am praying for you. Remain in the peace from Heaven. So I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.




TIME: 1:50 PM



During this hour, I saw a vision of Our Lady and a multitude of the Heavenly cherubim holding White Roses. Our Lady drew closer to us and said:

“Receive from me this White Rose. May it always remind you of your sanctity and holiness”.

She brought out another flower, this time a Red Rose and said:

“My Son wants me to offer you this Rose, to be for you an appeal for mortification”. She then offered it to us and said: “May it remind you of your call to mortify your life always”.

The cherubim threw their Roses to us. Immediately, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, appeared Our Lord, dressed in a red robe with a Crown of Thorns on His Sacred Head. He had with Him numerous Crowns of Thorns, which He took and moved towards us. He crowned some heads amongst us with that crown without uttering a word.

After a while, cloud came down and covered the whole place. The Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ appeared and said:

“My children be wise to gather all these blessings given to you from Heaven. You will hardly see this opportunity again before the Evil One comes. Claim all of them with faith. My Apostles, who neglected this call, have no share in this blessing given to you. Even if they desire it with tears, they will not get it again. Be careful to follow well in the few hours that remain. Your enemy will make all efforts to deceive you. Be wise to know when he comes. Resist him; he will run away.

Children, I will bless the Crowns of Thorns you have through My Priest by 3.00am this night. You will bring them to this Holy Sanctuary and lay them on the floor of My altar by 12.00 (midnight) this night. By 3.00 am, I will bless them through My Priest. At the hour of 2.00 am this night, I will give to you all the promises I have for those who have this crown, those who are offering Me this reparation and those who adore Me through the crucifix I gave you.

Listen, and hear how this reparation call will end. You will end everything by 12.00 noon tomorrow. At this hour, you would have said your benediction prayers. My Priest will carry the Blessed Sacrament and bless the world. You all will lie prostrate for 10 minutes. He will move from the altar to where you all are prostrated. Never forget to offer burnt incense during this hour. Barnabas, I will show you the departure of the Heavenly Visitors.

At that time, I will grant whatever you ask Me according to My Divine Will. You must not forget to give testimony when you see My great deeds to you. After this minute, you all will offer a hymn of praise to the Most Holy Trinity. Go in peace and make My Will known to the whole world.

Children, you will never forget to share your feelings with the rest of the Apostles around the world, and the rest of My Disciples around the world.

Let My Precious Blood, which comes out from My Sacred Head fall on you all and give you peace, Amen.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. So, I bless you all”.

Immediately, the vision passed.




TIME: 2:00AM



During this hour, I saw in a vision, the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ emerging from the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar. As I was watching, a cloud came down from Heaven and covered the whole place. Jesus Christ, with His Head crowned with Thorns, and His Face bathed with Blood, calmly said:

“My children, great is the battle you are about to enter. How many of you will, after fighting to the end, still hold firm their ground?

Great is the battle that is coming. As you are here preparing, the Evil One, the man of iniquity and his agents are also in their preparation to meet you. They are fasting and invoking the power of darkness, they are seriously storing blood in their blood banks waiting for the time to come. This is the blood of the people of this earth who are under the power of darkness. But rejoice, My children, because a sprinkling of My Precious Blood can dry a million tanks of the Evil One’s blood banks. This is why I urge all men to call on My Most Precious Blood to fight against their enemy.

Children, the battle is great. Look! Their number is very large, the number of My adversaries; they are many, their number is countless, but My soldiers are very small in number. This is why I call you and all My warriors around the world so as to empower you with My Most Precious Blood, and clothe you with all the Heavenly Armour.

They are not asleep. They are working day and night, since they know they have only a little time left. Children, you are called to know that this is a great battle. Arise and stand firm, your enemy, the Evil One, is around you, looking for a chance to get you.

This call to reparation is to prepare you to meet the Evil One and to defeat him.

To prepare you for the battle, I gave you My Agonizing Crucifix. I promise to protect anyone who has this Cross against the evil force. Through this cross, I will deliver many from captivity. Whenever you raise this Cross against evil power, I will open heaven and let My Precious Blood flow to subdue the evil power. I will let My Precious Blood flow from all My Sacred Wounds and cover all who venerate My Wounds and Blood through the Crucifix. I promise to protect any house where this Crucifix is, against any destructive power in the hour of darkness.

Children, through this Crucifix, I will conquer. This Crucifix will soon be a victorious Crucifix.”


“I will heal the wounds of their hearts those who adore My Sacred Head through this Crown. I will console those who console Me through this Crown. I will open the ocean of Divine Mercy on those who adore the Wounds of My Sacred Head through this Crown. All who adore the Most Precious Blood from My Sacred Head through this Crown will receive the grace of Divine Wisdom. I will guard their five senses. When you touch this Crown with love, I will allow a drop of My Blood to fall on your head, I will renew the love of a repentant sinner who can mercifully adore My Sacred Head with this Crown.

Children, there is always a sprinkle of My Most Precious Blood wherever this Crown of Thorn is. I am not far; I am near. I will crown his head with a victorious Crown, anyone who through this Crown adores My Sacred Wounds and the Blood of My Sacred Head.

Children, whenever the Reparation Prayer is said with love, I promise to convert twelve (12) most hardened sinners in the world. I will allow My Precious Blood to flow on every soul that hears this prayer said. Their love for Me will grow. I will forgive the sins of a nation that turns back to Me through this prayer. They will not suffer the weight of the curse due to their sins.

Children, My way is hard, but easy for those who show Me love. Many of you will grow cold when they see the narrow gate that leads to our peaceful home.

I love you all. I want all of you to show Me love. This is what motivated Me to offer you these Heavenly gifts. Children, I bless these Crowns with My Precious Blood: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

I finally promise to show them My Sacred Head one day before they die, all who love their crown and adore My Sacred Head through it, so as to have perfect knowledge of their sins and repent.

I bless you all. Remain in peace”

Immediately, the vision passed.




TIME: 11.50 AM



Today, being the last day of our five days reparation pilgrimage, as we have observed all the orders that were given to us by Our Lord, during the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, as we were told by Our Lord, we all lay prostrate to receive the final blessing from Him.

Then, I saw the vision of the Most Holy Trinity. The Agonizing Jesus Christ was bleeding from all the Wounds of His Sacred Body, especially, from the Five Wounds. The Most Precious Blood poured out on us. Above the Cross was the Eternal Father Who was blessing the whole world and us. The Holy Spirit showered His Light on us. The anointing of God was upon us.

At the foot of the Cross was Our Lady kneeling and praying for the forgiveness of sins and blessings for the world. At the same time, I saw a multitude of Heavenly Angels and Saints departing from our gathering in great joy.

The vision then remained until the Heavenly Visitors ascended into the cloud. Then, the whole vision vanished.




TIME: 12:00 NOON



During this hour of reparation, I saw the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ bathed with Blood, He calmly said to me:

“My son, come nearer to Me, My Heart is in great sorrow. Console Me now. I want you to say your Consolation Prayer now. My Son, I have many things to tell you about the hour. I have much to teach you, but I will only do so through your mortification. I need much mortification for this call.

My Son, I want all My children to follow Me. Let all men enter with Me into the Gethsemane Hour of Prayer, every midnight of Thursday to Friday. This is a call to holiness and mortification. I want all men to pray and watch with Me.

Listen, My children, it is because of this perilous time, and the terrifying hour that is coming, and that I do not want anyone of you to be lost, that is why I was motivated to appeal to all men to enter the Gethsemane Hour of Prayer with Me. You should know that the created things would be shaken and purified so that the things that cannot be shaken will remain.

Children, this hour is very terrifying. Many will lose their faith. Many are already in confusion. Many are spiritually blind. They cannot understand the hour. They have eyes, but they cannot see. They have ears, but they cannot hear. Their understanding is a carnal one. They cannot understand spiritual matters. They are swimming in this world full of iniquity. They say to themselves: “All things are going well. How can God destroy the world? No Chastisement is coming. They enjoy the bribery-filled and corrupt world. Children, many are deceived; many are on their way to perdition.

Be it known to you, all carnal and arrogant men that your happiness will soon turn into great sorrow. Your day will soon turn into darkness. Your sin will soon catch you like a trap. You will not escape when the hour comes. You say there will be no Chastisement; I say to you, I will start the Chastisement with you. You will like to see the hour. A time is coming when all these glorious things you see in the world will be destroyed by fire. Nothing will remain. Then, the New Glorious World will appear, the generation of My Glorious Reign.

Happy are all who will enter the Hour of My Glorious Reign. The second death will have no power over them. All who remain in Gethsemane with Me, will receive a special grace from Me to withstand the hard trials. I promise to sustain them with a special grace of faith and love. During their hour of trials, I will console them, because they console Me now that I am in agony.

I love you, I bless you all.

Remain in My peace.”




TIME: 12:00 NOON



As I was praying during this hour of Seal, cloud came down and covered me. I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging alive on the Cross. Precious Blood flowed out from all the Wounds of His Sacred Body. Our Lord kept silent for a while and finally said:

“My children, I called you My chosen. I have chosen you among the chosen. I want you to show Me more love. I called all men to follow Me to Gethsemane Hour of Prayer. Among them, I have chosen you to come closer to Me, to watch, and pray with Me. My chosen, why can’t you watch with Me even one hour? Sleep would not allow you. Wake up, My lovers. What do you think that the other disciples will do? They are in sound sleep. Who then will console your Agonizing Master, if not you?

My chosen, how I wish that you understand the hour and turn to Me. Your coldness, mindlessness and neglect pain Me much, more than other agonies I suffer. My chosen, remember that I love and chose you from the chosen ones. Look at the Face of the One Who loves you most. See what your sins have done to Him. For your sake, He is wounded, scourged, slapped and crowned with thorns. He carried a heavy Cross, and was dragged mercilessly to a land called Golgotha. He was stripped of His clothes, stood naked in the sight of many people. He was laid to be crucified on the Cross. All men neglected Me and cruelly criticized Me. I finally hung three hours on the Cross and died.

My children, even if others will reject Me, will you also neglect Me?


I want you to show Me more love. Wake up and help wake up the rest of the chosen. Let all men pray and watch always, so that their faith will not fail. I am the One who loves you most, the Agonizing Jesus Christ.

My Son, why are you delaying the project I gave you? What have you done on that...?

Why can’t you carry out the project before the hour…?

Listen, I will be more pleased if you can finish this project before the month of July and distribute it as follows:

The first Crucifix to be made will be sent along with the messages and the Chaplet to My beloved Pope John Paul II. He will bless it and propagate it before the hour….

Then, the second group of Crosses will be sent to all the Bishops of this country of yours with the messages and the Chaplet.

All My Apostles will then have their own. Finally, you will spread it all over the world. This Cross will renew the knowledge of My suffering in the hearts of all men. Carry out this order as I gave it to you. I will bless all who offer their time, strength, and money for the call. I will hear their appeal.

Children, I will call you for another Reparation Programme at the end of this project, and bless the Crucifix for you through My Priest.

You are My chosen; I want you to show Me more love.

I bless you all.




TIME: 12:00 NOON



As I was saying the Angelus, I saw Our Lady holding a Crown of Thorns in her hands. She came nearer to me and placed the Crown on my head and said:

“My son, feel my sorrow. I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. The sword of sorrow is piercing my Heart. I want you to withdraw the sword by making this message known to my children.

Barnabas your Mother is dying of sorrow.

I said, “Mother, what will I do for you, what is the cause of your sorrow? I am willing to obey your command. I am willing to console you”

Our Lady said:

“My son, the enemy and his agents are succeeding in their plan against my Movement. My Marian Movement of Priests in this nation and in some other parts of the world will soon be divided into three parties. Two will fight against one. The small group will suffer a great deal. But through them I will conquer my adversary and restore true worship in the Church. Then comes the triumph of my Immaculate Heart and the Glorious Reign of my Son Jesus Christ.

The Bishops of this nation except one will support the two groups to fight against the Remnant Group. The Bishop and a few Priests will stand for me and my Son against the errors that are attacking the root of the Holy Church. This is the cause of the war and the confusion.

The two groups, though their beliefs are not the same, will target their arrow against the Remnant Group. They will think that they are doing the right thing. But, Jesus Christ is He Whom they are persecuting.

My son, this war will start among the Priests of my beloved Son, the shepherds of the flock. The whole flock will then scatter.

I am here appealing to you and all my lovers with tears of sorrow to pray much for the faith of the Remnant Group. Pray that their faith will not fail them. I promise to be with them. I am in their midst always. Children, your prayers will increase their number.

When all these things begin to happen, know also that the hour of the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart is at hand, and the Kingdom of Glory is also at hand.

Finally, when the hour of peace comes, you will see the two groups fighting each other. Through the suffering of the Remnant Group, I will obtain a grace of peace for them. Their eyes will open to know the truth. They will come back and join the Remnant Group.



DATE: 10TH MARCH, 2000

TIME: 12:00 NOON



During this hour, as I was praying for the Seal of the Most Holy Trinity, I saw a vision of the wounded Agonizing Jesus Christ on the Cross bleeding unceasingly. He said to me:

“My Son, many of My chosen are offering Me the help of Simon. They are not willing to help Me out of love. They are forced to carry My Cross. They do it for two reasons: One, for the honour and what they expected to gain from it. Secondly, they understand the Jews’ cruel thought to nail Me alive. They did not want Me to die on the way to Calvary. They wanted to see Me alive on Mount Golgotha, so that I would see with My own eyes their cruel tortures, their shameful and disgraceful acts on Me.”

I asked, “My Lord and Saviour what is the help of Simon we are offering to you. I am willing to make your will known to the world.”

Our Lord answered, “My son, I am greatly in pains and suffer more than ever when one of My chosen neglects Me. I chose you to show Me more love because I love you. But you abandoned and rejected Me. You followed the world that hates you. You love her more. You are willing to live for her. My children, why can’t you love He Who loves you most. Listen, My chosen, unless you love Me more than you love the world and yourself as well, you cannot be My chosen.

My children, you are here not because you love Me, but because you are miracle- seekers. If miracle ceases, you will fall as well.

You are not following Me as those who want to know My Will. You hate My Cross more than anything you have ever seen in creation. You only attach yourselves merely for temporal favours. You want Me to bless you and make you rich like Simon who requested payment for the help he offered to Me. If your desire fails, you will fail as well.

You do not want to be poor in spirit; you do not want to be neglected by the world. You do not want to be abandoned by the world. You want all men to see you and praise you in your little effort. You are receiving vainglory. Children, that is how you offer me Simon’s help.

My children, because you want Me to suffer, you reluctantly carry the Cross at last like Simon. This is not because you love Me, but because you hate Me, and you want Me to be nailed alive. This is why, after you have heard My messages and warnings, you remain unchanged. You are still in the midst of My lovers and answering My chosen, those who belong to the way. Children, you are offering Me the help of Simon.

My children, turn away from your sinful lives. Detach yourselves from all the treasures of this world and know today that the insults offered to the anointed, the chosen ones, are something much more precious for their good than all the treasures of this world. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who loves you most.

I finally prayed and asked, “Lord, Your word is truth. Teach me always the mysteries of your agony, suffering and death. I will heed them. Lord, what shall we do about the Cross? The first anointed artist could not do it as fast as you asked us. Are we to anoint another artist? We are willing to do Your Will.

Our Lord replied:

“My son, I want the first artist to do the work. If he cannot do it, you will anoint the second. He will be the last. If the second cannot do it get it back to the first. Just rotate. It is My work only to choose.

You are to obey this order. The rest of the artists that will make this Cross will copy from the first artist I chose. They will not add or minus anything from the chosen Cross. Their works will be identical. I promise to be near all the artists who will ever make this cross. I will put My Spirit in them. They will do as I command. I will increase the blessings I will give to all who offer a loving help for the spreading of this devotion. I will console them, because they console Me.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ.

I bless you all.”



DATE: 17TH MARCH, 2000

TIME: 11:30 AM



As I was praying, the Agonizing Jesus Christ appeared to Me in a vision bathed with Blood all over His Body.

He calmly said:

“My son, I cannot even find rest in the hearts of My chosen. I am being deserted. My son, I want to live in your heart from one communion to another. I appeal to you to make your heart a living Tabernacle for Me but none of you is willing to listen to My anguished appeal, no one, not even among the chosen. Children, I have told you this before, I am now appealing to you again, with great pain in My Heart, that I am greatly tortured whenever I enter the sanctuary of your soul through Holy Communion. Your sins tie Me up, and mercilessly drag Me out after callously beating Me.

My lovers, can’t you make your heart a living Tabernacle for Me? If others reject Me, will you reject me too?

My lovers, it is because of the love I have for you that motivated Me to appeal for My dwelling in you. My children, it is for your own good so that you will not be dried up when the greatest hour of dryness comes.

Children, the Tabernacle I gave the Church will seize to exist on the last day but the Tabernacle I built in your soul, as My Great Seal will remain forever. I want you to recognize My Presence in your soul always. I want you to know that I am really living in your soul.

Children, but how you treat Me with sin, pains Me greatly. The Evil One enters your soul immediately you drag Me out because the glory of God has departed from His Sanctuary, that is, your soul.

Children, what do you think that the Evil One will do to that Sanctuary? He will ruin it with all kinds of evil. This is why you always bear evil fruits.

My lovers, I want to renew the Church through you, and hasten My Glorious Reign in your hearts. Let My Kingdom come in your souls. Let My Kingdom come. My chosen, I am not appealing to the world now, but to you whom I chose to be My lovers. I am telling you My Heart because you are dear to Me, but your hearts are not on Me. If you respond to My appeal, My Kingdom will come soon.

Barnabas, may I reign in your soul. May I reign in all your lives: I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ; whom you tortured cruelly. I bless you all.”

Remain in peace from heaven.”



DATE: 24TH MARCH, 2000

TIME: 12:00 NOON



In my reparation prayer during this hour of seal, I saw a vision of Our Lord Jesus Christ hanging alive on the Cross. He gazed at me steadily. After a while, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, I saw the holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ bathed with Blood. Our Lord calmly said:

“My son, I come to express Peter’s denial and how it will manifest in the lives of My chosen of today.

My son, many have already denied Me. A great number of people are denying Me now. I say to you many more people will deny Me and say that they know Me not. Only very few will struggle hard and stand on their feet.

My son, as I predicted to Peter the coming trails, Peter took an oath that he would go with Me even unto death. He did not ask for any grace, even the time I led them to pray with Me in Gethsemane. I urged them to pray so that their faith would not fall. But they couldn’t watch with Me even one hour. So, I am predicting to you about the forthcoming harder trials. But how many will later reconcile with tears after they have fallen like Peter?

Now listen, My son, it was exactly 12 mid night when one of the maidservants of the high priest saw Peter sitting around the fire with the others, because the fire of My love had become cold in him. He was sitting with them to warm himself by the fire of My enemies. His interior warmth had failed, he began to long for exterior consolation and delights, and a maid said to him. “Are you not one of the disciples of this man? Then, observing him closely, and looking at him with greater attention and care, she affirmed it, saying to Peter, “You are His follower”. Peter denied the first time and said; ‘I am not, I do not know Him’, woman, I neither know Him, nor understand what thou sayeth.

Listen, My chosen, how only a short while ago Peter had said, “I will not deny you, although all should be scandalized, I will follow you even at the cost of my life”.

Now, how is it, O Peter that your courage has failed thee at a question put to you by a slave girl? The Roman Governor did not examine you. The high priest of the Jews did not ask you any question; the soldiers did not manhandle you. Yet, you do not know how to reply to the question of the little slave girl.” My son, Peter denied Me the first time.

At exactly 3.00 am that Friday, Peter was still around the fire when those who were gathered round the fire inquired of him, saying: ‘Are you not also one of the disciples of this man?’ And he denied saying. ‘I am not’. But one of them in particular, looking at him attentively confirmed him, and said “without doubt you are also one of them”, Peter replied “Leave me alone, O man, for I am not,” and he made an oath moreover, that he knew Me not.

Just one hour later, at exactly 4 am, Peter denied Me the third time and made a greater oath that he neither knew Me nor had spoken with Me.

Children, remember that Peter is the head of My apostles. He is one of those who witnessed My transfiguration. He is the one who confessed Me to be truly the Son of the living God. He had heard the word of life, and had followed Me through all My life. He ate and drank with Me. Now he had denied Me because he asked for no grace to withstand the trial.

Children, I am appealing to you all to come and watch with Me always every night of Thursday into Friday. Come to Me in Gethsemane. Come and ask for the grace of endurance and faith. Multiply the Gethsemane hour of prayer in every Church of Mine, in groups and in families. I am with you. I am in Gethsemane with you to help you. Anyone who devotedly observes this Gethsemane hour of prayer will not scandalize men like Peter.

Even if he denies Me due to his unfaithfulness to My warnings, I will obtain for him the grace of forgiveness. He will have true contrition for his sins and ask for pardon. I will not reject him. I will give him the same promise that awaits My children, when the evil days come to you. Keep away from the occasions of sin, if you do not want to fall. Run to Gethsemane, pray always for the elect. My chosen, hear now and run for your life. I am your Agonizing Master who loves you.

Peace be with you,

I bless you”.



DATE: 31ST MARCH, 2000

TIME: 1:30 PM



During this hour, I was praying when I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. His Head was crowned with thorns. His Most Precious Blood trickled out from the Wounds caused by the thorns, and bathed His whole Face.

He looked at me steadily for a while without uttering a word and He said:

“My son, I have heard your prayer concerning your life and the mortification. I am the one who is motivating you in your meditation to leave the town and spend days and nights in the desert of Mount Carmel, Olo, without food or drink. I will go with you. I will be with you.

There, I will mortify and purify your sinful nature, your word, thought and action. I want you to offer Me your whole being as a living sacrifice. I want you and all My lovers to be near Me always. Know that you are living in the hour of darkness. The darkness has been given the power to rule.

Remember My appeals to you; make your heart a living tabernacle for My dwelling.

I am leading you to the desert to teach you much about the Sanctuary I want all men to make in their hearts for Me. I will give you the Holy Spirit. The Spirit will open your heart and throw more light on what the Sanctuary is. You are to write down the inspiration, which I will put in you through the Holy Spirit. This will be given to My Priest, your spiritual director, for final editing. After all, I will tell you, to whom you will give it, for the Church’s approval and propagation. Then, you will publish it and spread it along with the devotion to My Most Precious Blood all over the whole world.

In the desert I will teach you a prayer of total dedication to Me. The prayer will be used for consecration of all the apostles of My Precious Blood and those who love to be My consolers. With the prayer, they will constantly renew their consecration to Me once in three years, so that their love will be renewed.

I will come and instruct you much about My love, the hour, and My Glorious Reign. I am with you always. Whenever you feel dry, look at My Bloody Face and be refreshed. I promise to fill you with My love. Your eyes and mind will be opened for Divine and spiritual things. I will fill you with power. Barnabas, remember that He Who called you is the Agonizing Jesus Christ.

I love you. You owe Me love.

I bless you”.

Immediately, the vision passed.




TIME: 2:00 PM



Today being my arrival day in the desert, in my prayer, Divine Light flashed on me like lightning.

Instantly, I was lifted up spiritually. Then I saw the vision of my Agonizing Saviour hanging alive, bleeding on the Cross, without any consolation.

I approached the Cross and offered Him my poor consolation prayer asking Him to bear the agony. I promised Him that I would console Him all my life. That I will live my life on earth being the consoler of my Jesus Who is in agony.

Immediately after my prayers, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Jesus Christ who calmly said to me:

“My son, I welcome you into this Holy Land. I am with you. I am here to express My love for you and the whole world. I am looking for those for whom My love took My Divinity to become Man. I am eagerly looking for those who, because of the love I have for them, made Me to be incarnated into the world. Your God to be born as man! Where are those for whose sake I was born in a manger? My son, your God, Whom the whole Angels in Heaven adore, who forever is receiving the glorious praises and adoration of the Heavenly Choirs, is now lying helpless and neglected in a manger for love of you.

My son, I greatly suffered for this generation. I suffered most for you, and I am still suffering the worst. No one cares to look at the Face of his or her Agonizing Lover.

It is because of you that I sweated Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane. Looking at this generation; looking at you, I saw how faithless you would be. Among the faithful that are following Me day and night, and those that are worshipping Me in the temple, I found no consolation. They have filled the Temple with abominations. Their sacrifice is nothing but a scourge to Me. Son, what will I gain from the sacrifice of the thieves and killers whose hands are filled with blood of the innocent one? What pleasure will I derive from the sacrifice of the hateful and wicked servants who could not forgive their neighbour in their little misunderstanding? Their hearts are filled with thorns waiting for Me to enter.

Iniquity, iniquity, iniquity has filled My Holy Temple. No one is willing to console Me. No one is willing to stand for Me and chase these evildoers out of My Temple. My Temple is not a hideout for thieves but a house of prayer.

No one cares about the abominable fashion in My Holy Temple. No one cares about the absolute lack of reverence in My Holy Temple. No one cares about the political iniquity that ravages the Holy Temple of your God. No one cares about the marketing in the Holy Sanctuary. No one is willing to care about these iniquitous habits in the Holy Temple like stealing, adultery and fornication, idolatry and the so-called cult practices that fill My Holy Sanctuary.

Son, they have filled the whole world with disastrous abominations, setting it in My Holy Temple, driving your God far away from His Holy Sanctuary. Son, if My people fail to return to Me and remove all these iniquitous habits that drive your God from His Sanctuary and they continuously live in sin, the glory of your God will depart from His Holy Temple. Then the Arabian Army, the enemy of My Holy Death, the Evil One will march against the Temple, to destroy it. You will see with your own eyes the days when there will be no morning or evening Sacrifice. Then the people of Zion will weep bitterly for the Holy Sanctuary, the Temple of the living God without any consolation. On those days, you will come to the full knowledge of My appeal to you, make your heart a Living Sanctuary for My dwelling”.

My clergy kept silent in all these things that increase My agony. They are all sleeping while the enemy is fast approaching. Son, see how they will be captured and led into exile where they will mourn for their lives and the Holy Temple, captured as they were asleep while they should be at alert.

After all the favours I have done for you, you all reject and abandon Me. I am the One Who chose you and called you apart to be My Apostles. I have shown you My Glorious Transfiguration. I taught you all that I have learnt from My Father. I have shown you My simplicity and obedience. I have anointed you, and finally shed My Blood for the love of you. I see to it that My law and truth are written in your hearts. My Spirit, the Comforter is there within your soul to teach you. But in all these favours, you paid Me back with mindlessness and neglect. Your will is your will. No one can take it away from you.

Children of mine, why can’t you do the Will of Him, who died for love of you? If you love Me make My Will known to the whole world. I have wept bitterly for My Holy Temple, My Sanctuary. I am still weeping for you until your destroyer comes to destroy you.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ Whom you neglected.

Remain in My peace.

I bless you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.







Today, I experienced total abandonment. I learnt what Our Lord meant when He said that He was ABANDONED and that there was no one to console Him. I will say that the grace that was assisting me yesterday was deprived of me. What remained were faith and my will to choose what to do.

My rising on this second day seemed to me like someone who escaped death. I was very tired and helpless. It seemed to me that I had stayed up to ten days. I looked up at the sky; it was all cloudy and about to rain. Within a short time, the rain started dropping, I looked around and saw my Rosary, I picked it up and prayed. However, I have offered all my difficulties to God. And I made a sincere promise to God that I will not leave the desert until I stayed up to seven days. The intention of my Rosary was, “Lord thy will be done”. After a while the cloud disappeared.

Around 8:00 am, the heat of the sun was intense. This made me to leave the mountain to my camp. By this time, I was already suffocating and weak.

Unknown to me, my first camp was covered with black ants. With carelessness and weakness, I threw myself on the ground when I reached the camp to rest for a short while. I felt a bite of something; I wanted to know what it was. Another one bit me. I then saw that it was a black ant. By that time they were already all over me.

As I was trying to escape, I fell inside thorns that covered almost that side where I fell. In my struggle with the thorns and the black ants, I learnt what Our Lord meant by His scourging and crowning with thorns. I struggled and struggled for about five minutes to come out of the thorns and escape the ants. In the end I came out, and left the camp at once to seek for another camp.

I found another camp; the land was smooth and still. In a great weakness I laid down to rest again. After a while, I remembered the ants and looked around. I saw that worker termites had covered my shirt. On remembering the ants and the thorns, I quickly left the camp at once.

This incident made me to decide to walk about in the desert. Later, I saw a beautiful mango tree, which is a bit far from where I was standing. I thought within myself that it would have a well-shaded grove. So, I trekked to it in spite of my weakness and suffering.

When I reached there, it seemed to me that my rest had come. But here, I received a temptation of the Evil One. Within a short time, I looked up and saw about seven ripe and beautiful mangoes on top of the mango tree. It was not even high up. I could climb and get the mangoes easily if I wanted to. By this time, I was already dried up with thirst and hunger. The Evil One reminded me that the days were still far. That was my second day. There were five more days and nights to go.

Immediately I saw these mangoes, I knew that Satan was around. I smiled and simply cried out, “Satan you are defeated.” I quickly left the camp for my final camp.

When I reached this final camp, I felt a bit more relaxed and comfortable. But after a while, the condition changed automatically. The cold wind changed to a very hot dry wind scorching me. The tree was not well shaded any more. The intensity of the heat was now much on me. In spite of these inconveniences, I managed to stay there and say my prayers, read spiritual books till evening.

I returned to the mountain in the evening. I was tired due to my long stress in the day, so I decided to rest and sleep, but I could not. It appeared as if there was an announcement in the kingdom of mosquitoes to come to attack me. This was not so yesterday. I had slept normally and had felt relaxed.

These mosquitoes continuously disturbed me until 12 midnight when I saw the vision of our Lord hanging alive on the cross. He said, “Be calm, it is finished.”

Instantly, cloud covered the whole place and the Holy Face of Agonizing Jesus Christ appeared and said to me.

“Barnabas, I allowed you to be tested to know and experience what it means to be totally abandoned by God, by nature and by all creatures. This is what I suffered for you. Everything rejected Me because of you. Even My Father couldn’t hear the voice of His Only-Begotten Son because He wanted Him to suffer and extremely suffer the pain of His Agony and Death like mortal man. Indeed, I felt it and suffered it. I am still suffering most for you now.

My son, I was left alone to suffer. My Divinity was deprived of Me by My Father. Leaving the weight of My weak flesh to fall upon Me. I looked for someone to console Me, I found none. I was depressed until the Angel of My comfort came and helped Me to see the little you. He helped Me to see how you will come to the full knowledge of My Father’s Will, and how you would console the Sacrificial Lamb with your lives. I was consoled and named you My chosen.

When the hour came for you to be born in this earthly world, I was overjoyed in Heaven because My chosen was coming into the world to help Me renew the face of this sinful world. But my son, see how many of you are abandoning Me for the second time. This second abandonment is much more painful to Me than the first abandonment. Come back to Me; He Who loves you is calling you. I am looking for you to console Me.


Barnabas, I will teach you the dedication prayer I told you about by 3 pm. This coming day I am putting My inspiration in you. When you wake up, begin to write as I have told you.

Sleep well. Peace be with you.

I bless you”.

Instantly, the vision passed.

Cool breeze filled the mountain; I recorded and rested.



TIME: 3:00 PM



During this hour, I saw in a vision Our Lord Jesus Christ hanging alive on the Cross, on the mountain. I was standing at the valley of the mountain looking up at the top of the mountain where the dazzling light of Jesus crucified, was shining brightly.

An Angel of the Lord came and led me to the mountain where I saw a large number of Angels and Saints adoring the Sacrificial Lamb.

Within a short time, cloud covered the whole place. An Angel and the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ appeared and I could hear the prayer and songs of the Angels from afar. They joined us in prayer as we said the Consecration Prayer to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. We repeated it three times.

(Long silence)

The Angel advised Me to follow in My heart all his reply. Then Our Lord finally said:

“My loving children, My chosen, I am looking for you. I looked for you in the hill countries and in the low lands. I looked for you in the Northern and Southern regions and could not find you. I turned to the East and West and couldn’t see you. I searched for you in all the valleys towards great rivers and seas, still I couldn’t see you. I am thirsty for My lost sheep. How happy to see them back. My chosen, your abandonment of Me kept Me in great agony over the past years. Where were you My lovers?”

The Angel and I replied: “My Lord, My Saviour, forgive me for I was lost in the world. Truly, I have sinned against Heaven and Earth. I am not worthy to stand in your sight and ask pardon. If your mercy is granted me, may I be one of your poor slaves. I lost my love for Thee, my Jesus. The power of darkness overwhelmed me. I couldn’t see light but darkness. Through the darkness, the Evil One showed me the pleasures and glories of this world. I was led through the Evil pleasures to swim in the ocean of iniquity and was chained in the world of the dead. I learnt there that his promise was nothing but death; I looked for help, and found helplessness. In my grief under my bondage I cried out, “Who will deliver me?” How happy I was when I remembered You, my Jesus. I remembered Your love for me that caused You Your life. I cried out again, “Jesus Christ, save me”. Your Name Jesus broke my yoke and set me free. Here I am Lord, I come to do Your Will”.

Our Lord said: “My chosen, I am longing to see you back. I have been thirsting for you for long. Come and embrace My love. My lover, but are you sincerely back to Me to do My Will; never to go back again?”

The Angel and I replied: “Yes, my Lord and my Saviour. We are sincerely back to do Your Will”.

I, a faithless sinner, cast myself at Your feet to implore Your mercy. I renew and ratify today the vows of my Baptism, when I promised to do Your Will. I renounce forever the man of iniquity, Satan, his pomp and works and submit myself entirely to Your Divine Will. O my Jesus, my Saviour, I am willing to follow You wherever You go. Make Your way known to me”.

Our Lord answered: “Now I will show you My way: My way is a narrow way, so rough and so dry. Mighty men drop on this way. But it is easy for those who love Me, Jesus, your Saviour. Are you willing to follow this type of road”?

The Angel and I replied: “Yes, My Lord, My Jesus, I am willing. I love You. I will never forsake You again”.

Our Lord answered: “My way is a royal way of the Cross. All who wish to follow Me will give up the whole world, then carry their crosses and follow Me. Those who try to save their own lives will lose them. But those who lose their lives because of Me and the Gospel will have them in abundance. Children, what again will deprive you of the love of your Saviour, your God, the love of the Cross?

The Angel and I answered: “My Lord and My Saviour, Nothing will deprive me of the love of You. I have left everything and followed You. My cross is on my shoulder. I am determined to follow You. My will is to do Your Will. O Merciful Jesus, give me the grace to love you always”.

Our Lord finally said: “Children, I have heard your manly promise to Me. I have written it in My Heart with My Blood. Listen to My instruction! “You will be tempted to reject Me, to abandon Me, to betray Me, to deny and crucify Me again. But when you turn to Me to renew this consecration, ask pardon and more grace of love. I will forgive. I will pardon you and bless you more. I say to you, DO NOT DESPAIR.

Receive My blessing.”

Pressing His Hand upon us, He said: “Grant Your salvation to them, O Lord, and have mercy on these faithless sons of Yours. Look upon the Blood, which Your only-begotten Son shed for their salvation and forgive their sins. Cleanse the iniquities of their hearts. Renew and rectify their souls. Put in their hearts the Seal of Your Salvation. May their hearts be living sanctuaries for You. May the Kingdom of Your glory come into these hearts. Father may your reign flow through their hearts to the ends of the Earth.

Father, I pray that they may love Your Son and acknowledge the value of His Sacrificial Death. May they stand for Him against His enemy that is fighting His Church. Give them faith to carry out Your Will, which is hidden from the sight of the world.

The blessing: May the power of obedience and simplicity over shadow you. May the grace of true love and true zeal fill your hearts. May you all be united in the Trinitarian Love with the holy Vicar, the Pope, along with the Angels and Saints. So I bless you: In the NAME of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the HOLY SPIRIT, AMEN. Receive this badge; I bless it, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. May it remind you of your consecration and the Precious Blood that fills the whole world. (He then gave me the badge, instantly there was dew that fell on me. I felt cold).

He again picked up an “Agonizing Crucifix” which has Wounds and Blood all over the Body and said:

“Receive this crucifix from Me. I bless it; in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. May it renew your love for Me. This is your Armour. Through it, you shall conquer.

Remain in peace from Heaven.”

Instantly, cloud shook, the vision passed. I was left alone as I heard the beautiful songs of the Angels. Within a short time, Our Lord appeared again and said:

“Barnabas, with this prayer, this Consecration will be renewed once in three years. This will be done with the Votive Mass of My Precious Blood and will be done inside the Mass. It will please Me much if done on third Friday between the hours of 12 noon – 3.00 pm. I am ready to welcome you whenever you come.

I will give you a vision of the seven followers of Mine who follow this Royal Way of the Cross tomorrow. You will see their failure and the only survivor. Try to describe it well.

I will help you.

I bless you”.

Immediately, the vision passed.

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