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DATE: 14TH DEC, 2001





In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ,

Who calmly said:

“My son, I recall with great agony the cause of My Three Falls under a heavy cross as My

Birthday anniversary approaches. I recall the eternal damnation that awaits the great

multitude of unfortunate sinners who would be damned for their sins. Even now, great is

the number of unlucky sinners who are lost forever. If My people will know and turn back

to Me, I will be consoled.


Son, these unfortunate sinners are the cause of My most painful agony in the

garden. I sweated Blood because of them. I saw the multitude of sinners who will still

get lost after My sacrifice of Blood. I fainted because My hope had gone. These weary

thoughts filled My already wounded Heart: Whom then did I lay down My life to save,

since all these souls will be lost? What need is there for Me to pour out My Blood?

What need is there for Me to lay down My Body to be tortured? Son, these thoughts

weighed Me down. I fainted. I sweated blood for them to be saved.

As I carried My cross to Calvary, the enemy showed Me a large number of My lovers;

those who will suffer much for My sake and will later fall and be damned forever. Their

number is too much. I remembered, how much they will suffer for My sake; the rough

road they will pass; and how they will give up just near the gate of Heaven, the gate of

Salvation, and of rest. Their future agony weighed Me down. I fell the first time. The

Angel who consoled Me at Gethsemane called Me; Emmanuel, Do not despair. See the

little doves who shall benefit from Your Death. They shall help to strengthen the

faith of these fallen lovers.” I saw you and was consoled. Your names, which I heard

the Angel call, motivated Me to carry My cross and continue My journey of salvation.

On the way, the enemy made Me see My holy Church at the point when a large number

of My flock will pull out of its fold to establish false churches. Seeing the large number

of the worshippers of these false churches and their eternal damnation, My hope ceased

again, I fell the second time. There, under the Cross, I heard the voice of the Angel

calling: “Emmanuel! Take heart for the sake of Your little martyrs who will pour

their blood for Your sake and for the sake of Your Church; wake up. Look at Your

little martyrs. They will suffer for Your Church. Through their holy sweat and

blood, Your Church will be refined; through their martyrdom, the lost sheep will

come back.” I looked and saw the victim souls like Mine and took courage. My journey


Before I climbed up the hill of Golgotha, the enemy showed Me a large number of My

lovers who will be lost because of the sins of the flesh. Their number was three times

that of the ones I saw before. Worse still and more painful, I saw those hopeless lost

souls coming from My Priests and those who will dedicate their lives as religious. These

groups of My lovers are My future hope of chastity in the world. Seeing these lovers of

Mine who will join the world of sin and be damned, I collapsed in agony and shame. I

fell the third time. The same Angel of Comfort came and called Me again: “Emmanuel!

Look at these little lilies of Yours. See, many of them will be martyred for the sake

of chastity. As their blood sprinkles the rotten world, it will turn to be the seeds of

virgins to occupy the earth. Through the sufferings of these little lilies, and their

holy tears, your Priests and Religious will return to chaste and holy life. Take

heart, Emmanuel. For the sake of Your little lilies in your Bloody way, wake up.” I

looked and saw My little lilies and took courage. I continued My journey of salvation.

On Calvary, the enemy made the Jewish soldiers strip Me naked. This shameful act

combined with what I saw during the third fall multiplied My agony. In great agony and

sorrow, I offered to My Father the poor sinners who will be lost due to the sins of the

flesh using the prayer I taught you: “The prayer against the sins of the flesh” as it is



Son, see all I suffered for the sake of the poor sinners who will be lost. See, you are My

only hope and joy. Son, I hope I will not miss you? May I never miss you. May these

little souls, which bear much of My agony, remain for Me to possess My everlasting

peace and have My consolation. My victim lovers help Me to call back My lost sheep. I

say, help and call sinners back to Me. I hope you will respond to My call for help. This

is the only gift I demand from My Lovers for My birthday. Anyone who offers Me this

gift as My Birthday gift in the years to come will obtain from Me the grace of

perseverance. I will give him My Peace.

Son, remember that I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who called you to be My consolers.

I love you all. I bless you all.”

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 1ST JAN. 2002




In my prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision the holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ

bathed with Blood. He kept silent for a while and finally said:

“My son, as you enter the New Year, I call all My children to enter into the light of My love.

Look! Your own eyes will see the power of blindness, having advantage over My lovers. This

power of error will affect only those who subject themselves to pride.”

Children, be wise to clothe yourselves with humility so that the power of pride will not

affect you. Children, I have informed you before that the war has reached its climax, so,

heroes are the targets. Weigh the level of humility in you always and chose the desert

way, the road of the Holy Cross in time of decision. Love the cross. The love of the

cross is the way to My love. My love is the light of the soul. Children, I appeal to all

men to enter into the light of My love; the power of blindness will not affect you.

In this year, I will prepare My lovers with all the training that will make them ready to

receive the perfect Rose in the coming year. I will also spread My net through My lovers

who respond, to gather My little lilies together for the manifestation of the Glorious

Reign. Be wise to respond to the lessons.

Children, spread this devotion all over the world and train up more virgins in the world; I appeal


Remain in My Peace. I bless you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 10TH JAN. 2002




In our Adoration Prayer, during this hour, I saw a vision of Our Lady descending from

the cloud with numerous Cherubim of Heaven. As I was looking, cloud came down and

covered the whole place. In the cloud, I saw the Blessed Sacrament exposed. There

appeared Our Lady who calmly said;

“My children, I welcome you all in this spiritual training. May the peace of my

Immaculate Heart flow into your souls to clear the evil worries of the world in your souls

and give you true peace. May the light of my presence here give you calmness of

heart and open your eyes and mind to the true meaning of the mysteries of silence. I

say to you all again, peace from Heaven be with you.

Children, I come to teach you little about the mysteries of silence. To you the living,

silence is a mystery. To the Saints in heaven, it is the greatest adoration to the Almighty

God. Listen to this lessen: In the beginning of all things, the Presence of the Almighty

God dwelt in silence. This great silence revealed the mystery of creation. Silence

was the light, which inflamed the love of God to make the universe and create man.

After creation, silence lived with God in Heaven.

Children, silence dwells there and will dwell there forever. Eternal Father loves this great

silence because it was His first companion before creation. All who want to dwell with Him

must love this great friend of the Eternal Father, the great silence. In silence, you find the

Presence of the Eternal Father. His peace dwells in silence forever. Children, love this

lesson, love the great companion of your Eternal Father.

Listen, this great companion of the Eternal Father is a friend of the just in the world. The

just finds its sweetness while the wicked tastes its bitterness. Children, embrace this

gift of silence. The lesson and order is: ‘learn to talk little.’ Talk only when there is a

great need for you to talk. Do not enjoy the praises of the world by means of talking

much. Children, I appeal to you to learn to close your mouth when there is less need

for you to talk. Think before you speak. Speak only what you know. Say only what you

know and nothing more. This is the appeal of this night; close your mouth; speak little.

Tomorrow you will learn more.

Listen to this last lesson. The silent heart gathers the message of Heaven while the

noisy heart gathers the evils of the world. In these days of commotion, I appeal to

all my children to live a silent life.

I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who called you to live a silent life.

Remain in peace from Heaven.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 11TH JAN. 2002





In our prayer during this hour, I had a vision of Our Lady who came with a Rose flower

in her hand and her Immaculate Heart, which radiates Divine rays. She came closer and

calmly said:

My children, to night I come to teach you the mysteries of perfect silence, which comes

from, true peace. I say to you all again peace from Heaven be with you.


Children, how many of you receive the peace, which Heaven gives to you always?


Listen to this lesson and know whether you have the peace. This lesson will be called

“Perfect Silence of the True Peace.”


Children, what is the cause of the restlessness of the worldly man? What then do you

think is the cause of fear in a worldly man? You will little understand these questions.

Listen, when man was created; he was put into the peace of God in the Garden of Eden.

Later man fell from grace and from the peace of God and had himself detached from His

Creator. Man lost confidence in God, his Creator and attached himself to the world. This

attachment brought fear and restlessness in the world.

Children, anyone who attaches His life to the world will hardly have the true peace. The

person is a man of the world, and a slave of fear, as well as a restless man. Children, a man

who is attached to his wealth hardly sleeps if he hears that the thieves are around, his spirit will

never be at rest till he sees the safety of his wealth.

Listen again to see how people have less attachment to their God. The worldly man who

sails through the sea hardly relaxes till he lands safely. Think of the restlessness of his

spirit. Children, you can think of other fields of life where men have less confidence in

their God. All these lead to restlessness of the soul due to man’s attachment to the world.

Children, before I give you my lesson, may I take you to see with me the bondage of my

children who are in the Pentecostal churches or devotions. These children of mine, the

enemy has succeeded in putting these children of mine under the bondage of fear.

See how they always search for demons everywhere. They see demons in all their

acts, in all their ways, and in all their business. They see every obstacle in their place

of work as demon, even the cross, which their God lovingly offered them, is regarded as

the handwork of the evil spirit. This makes them slaves of fear. They use up their time in

calling on evil spirits. They will connect any little sound at night with the force of the evil

spirit. Their resting bed even frightens them because they imagine demons hiding behind

it. Oh! What a bondage my children are living in. How can they get the peace and dwell

in perfect silence? Children, there is no silence in their gathering.

Listen to My lesson: This Pentecostal world has come to drive the whole world into

the error of faithlessness. They have come to put the world into the bondage of fear.

They have come to put off the holy adoration to God and replace it with noisy

gatherings. My deepest sorrow is that the Holy Church of My Son being enveloped

in these errors.

Children, you have Guardian Angels but you do not believe in their loving and caring

presence. I mean the Pentecostal churches. This makes them claim to see more of evil

spirits than their Guardian Angels who are sent to defend them. The Presence of your

God, which is everywhere, cannot be recognized by them. The war, which the Heavenly

Army fights day and night, is what they claim to be doing by shouting. The Evil One can

only be chased out from one place to another. This is what the Heavenly Army is doing

for you. Only in the Reign of Glory shall the evil spirits be chained for years, before their

final destruction at the end of the world. The evil spirits are in the world as the air is in

the world, so also the Angels of peace. The evil spirits have no power over the holy

ones. Learn these things and escape from the bondage of fear caused in the world by the

Pentecostals. I have told you that your victory comes from the power of humility and

the fire of purity.


Attached to the world is a restless man. Learn today that your God cares for you. He

sees your movements. His Angels are beside you. You are to know this and to talk to your

Guardian Angels. No power of darkness is stronger than your Guardian Angel. He has

power to rescue you from all troubles if only you will remain pure and a friend of your


Children, I say, relax; relax your souls. The relaxation of the spirit gives forth the

perfect silence of the true peace. I do not mean that you will not pray. I mean you will

pray in faith. The battle is not yours. You are not the defender of your lives. Take the

simple prayer of the Church against evil spirits; it is enough. Say your normal prayers.

Spend more time in adoration, you will find true peace.

Learn this final lesson: The silent soul sees true happiness in the Holy Cross while

the restless soul sees the Cross as a curse.

May the power of humility overshadow you to learn these lessons. Remain in the peace

from Heaven.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 12TH JAN. 2002




In our Adoration Prayer during this hour, I saw before the Blessed Sacrament exposed the

vision of Our Lady holding the White and Red Rose flowers of Perfect Purity. In a gentle

voice, she calmly said:

“My children, your adoration in this great training pleases Heaven. Jesus wishes you to

remain in this state of peace, in order to mature and become spiritual men. Your attitude

here pleases me. Children; I hope I am not holding you in chains while you wait for your

release. If that is true, your call to this training is of no use. I am looking with a sure

hope of seeing you as men of silence. May I see the true peace in your souls.


Children, I am training you for perfection. Listen to my motherly advice of love. Learn

my lessons. Open your mind to embrace the light, which I throw to you on the mysteries

of silence. Children, there are many ways in the world but only one is a true and perfect

way. I am leading my loving children through the only perfect way to the Land of Peace.

All who follow Me will never walk in darkness. Though, the way is hard, it is easy for

those who love the Cross.


Children, I taught you to be silent. I told you to close your mouth and learn to speak

little. I later taught you the silence, which comes from the light of the true peace. Learn

these lessons and live by them.

Tonight, I come to give you the lesson on vertical meditative silence. Children, there are

two trends through which your silence go in meditation. The trends are vertical and

horizontal meditation.

Vertical meditation is the one that rises above all trials and worries of this world. Not all

meditations escape the visions and illusions of the noisy world and enter into the reign of

personal relationship with the Divine God. This is the Perfect Silence I am leading you to.

On the other hand, horizontal meditation is the one that follows the trends of envy and lust,

and ends in evil fruit. This silence is full of passion of the flesh, greed, hatred, pleasures of

the world, and other evil fruits. This makes the worldly man to be wicked.

Children, my lesson for you is on the silence of vertical meditation. To attain this

spiritual level, you must be balanced mentally and spiritually. Do not be a lazy man

Work harder to succeed in life and balance it with your spiritual devotion. Owe no

one. Rather be content with what you have. Learn to forgive easily. Be a man of

peace; above all, be holy. There is no peace in the heart of a sinful man. Do not live to

see your conscience condemn you. Make haste to purify your ways again. I say, again,

be holy.

These are my motherly advice to you, my little children. When you have done all these

things, you will crown them with the word of life. Here, I mean that your soul will be

filled with Divine Inspiration from holy books. Children, at this level, your little attempt

will channel you to a vertical meditation. As you grow, you will reach the level of

spiritual relationship with the Divine. This is the greatest of all the spiritual gifts.


Children, I will not like to see any of you in confusion concerning my lesson on the

Pentecostal churches. Truly, these Protestant churches and their Pentecostal movement

have blinded the world spiritually. This spiritual blindness is what I am calling you to

heal. I will ask Jesus to send St. Anthony of Padua and St. Michael the Archangel to

teach you much about this issue. They will teach you the true way of deliverance and

answer your questions. I will obtain this favour for you since there is a great need for you

to attain perfection. But listen my children; do you believe that all the evil spirit plans

against you is not up to one-third of what they tried me with, minute by minute?

The evil kingdom of darkness knew whom I was even before I began to reason. They

made all their attempt against me, but all was in vain. I am the woman who crushed the

head of the ancient serpent. I defeated Satan, I defeated the world, I defeated the flesh,

not by violence, or by shouting, but by this perfect way I am teaching you.

If you follow my lesson, you will be a terror to evil spirits and not evil spirits terrorizing

you. You will not need to shout before the evil spirits give way. Simple words like “Give

way Satan;” or “May God rebuke you Satan” will send Satan back to Abyss. Children,

instead of you searching for the evil spirits, the evil spirits will avoid your presence. This

training I am giving you is the only means through which my adversary will be defeated

and the Reign of Peace will come on earth. Children, I say, it is not by howling which

results in dancing with demons. May the precious time, which you spend in howling, be

used for adoration.

Children, believe that a decade of my Holy Rosary said well causes more harm to

the kingdom of darkness than 24 hours of howling against evil spirits. Think how

much more a Holy Mass well celebrated can do! Have faith in your God. May your

faith save you. I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ who loves you all.

Children, as you go, train up your people with the lessons I gave you. May this light of love I

see in you remain in your hearts. Jesus has a message of love for you by eleven this

morning. You should not close till you have recorded the message. He has a solemn promise

for you. The promise makes Me happy. Be among those who will possess the promise.

Children, I am happy with your response to My call. Peace from My Immaculate Heart remain

with you all. So I leave.”

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 12TH JAN. 2002

TIME: 11.00 AM




Today being the last day of our programme of silence, as I knelt before the Blessed

Sacrament exposed, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging alive on the

Cross bleeding. After a while, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the

cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who calmly said:

“My children, I am pleased with this spiritual training of silence to which My Mother

called you. This training has marked the fulfillment of all the lessons needed for My

lovers to receive the Rose of Perfect Purity. Other little lessons later are for spiritual

healing and growth.

So, I have forgiven all My Apostles that are here who missed the great novena of the month

of July 2001. They are free to join the rest of My Apostles to obtain the Rose of Perfect

Purity if they find themselves worthy. But any of my apostles who miss this training will

fulfill it before he receives this Gift of Perfect Purity.

Today, I have written it that anyone who receives this Rose of Perfect Purity with pure heart and

keep it pure till death will obtain from Me the grace of incorruption. The fire of purity, which

emanated from this pure soul and from the Two Hearts of Love, My Sacred Heart and My

Mother’s Immaculate Heart, will preserve the body from the power of sin and of decay. I am the

Agonizing Jesus Christ Who promise you this grace out of love. With this, the whole world will

know that My Reign has been born in your midst.

Children, whenever a consoler of Mine who obtained this Rose of Perfect Purity dies, gently

place all the Roses he had obtained from Me on his resting heart that bore much of My

agony. As he arrives at My Kingdom in Heaven, he will meet My greatest consolation. My

Mother, the Saints and Angels of Heaven will welcome him with the brightest Roses.

So, My children, as you receive this holy Rose, preserve it in your altar and devotedly

live the life of the petal of purity. My Mother may take away the Rose of anyone who fails

to be pure and chaste; I mean, those who fail to live the lives of the petals of purity. Or it

may remain to be a torture to him at death. Children, may I see your life of purity in the

world. I am looking with fear that many of you here will not obtain this grace that I have

given you today because of your worldly wisdom which will hinder the light of Divine

Wisdom in your souls. My joy is that I have seen a large number of My Little Lilies in the

coming generation who will obtain this grace.


Children, as you go home, go and train up My children who have consecrated themselves to

My Precious Blood with all the training you are receiving from Me. Start the training with

the lessons of the Rose of Perfect Purity in your different Dioceses. Then, you will train

them using this programme to live a life of silence. This training will be yearly to prepare

My few converts to receive this Perfect Rose. Give them what I gave you. Train them as I

have trained you. When they are to receive this Perfect Rose bring them here to receive it.

In the years to come after you have matured, I will allow you to celebrate this feast in your

Dioceses and then in your Parishes.

To all My children who have consecrated themselves to My Precious Blood, I call you

and the whole world to come and celebrate the gift of this Rose in the coming year of the

Renewal of your Consecration. I will tell you more about this in the month of July this


Receive My blessing: May the light, which emanates from the Silent Throne of Peace

in Heaven, descend on you all. I bless you all, in the Name of the Father, and of the

Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Remain in the peace of silence.”

Immediately, the whole vision passed.



DATE: 22ND FEB. 2002




In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who

calmly said to me:

“Barnabas, I will send you again to the desert to pray and to mortify you for more

work. Pray and prepare. You shall enter the desert on 2 nd March evening to come

out on the evening of 5 th March 2002.

I am there with you. Remain in My peace. I bless you.”

Immediately the vision passed.




TIME: 9.00 PM



Tonight on my arrival in the desert of Mount Carmel, I saw a vision of the Agonizing

Jesus Christ, Who calmly said.

“My son, I welcome you again into this desert where I have called you to pray and to do

reparation for your sins and those of the whole world. Through your mortification here in

this desert, I will fill you with the Spirit of Light and of Truth.

You need the Spirit now since the hour you are about to enter is so great. Son, the hour

has come in this devotion to My Precious Blood when human reasoning will bring

many errors. See, I have called you for more mortification in this desert to separate

you from the error of human reasoning and from the burden of self.

In the same way, My Apostles need mortification. I appeal to My Apostles of this

devotion to share in this call for mortification. This hour needs grace for survival. I say,

sacrifice your little days on earth for poor humanity. I need mortification from My lovers

for the growth of this devotion. I need their mortification so that selfishness and greed

may die, and that they may grow to become My Saints.

I have an appeal, which will be the beginning of the project in this Land of Adoration. But

how can you do this work since there is still in your hearts the impure stain of selfishness

and of greediness.

Mortification …Mortification is needed. The more you mortify yourself, the more

you come closer to My love. Study My messages to enter into the light of My love.

Barnabas, spend these days in praying for My Little Lilies and for My poor Priests who

are under the error of Modernism and of Protestantism against the True Faith.

Pray; I will send you little Saint Cecilia to teach you a prayer for the Perfect Rose.

Welcome her and her message. When your suffering in this desert grows, remember that I

am with you. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who called you to mortify you.

I bless you.”




TIME: 3.00 AM




In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who calmly

said to me.

“My son, listen to this lesson: There is emptiness in vainglory. It is this emptiness that the world

likes. The emptiness, which I am telling you, is the total emptiness of, all invaluable things.

When I say invaluable things, I mean those things that cannot last. Be wise to see this emptiness

in vainglory. Work hard against the passions of the flesh that lead to this empty glory. Do not be

the slave of it. Work for those things that will last.”

The joy of My Kingdom is the hope and glory of My holy Martyrs. No one can possess My

Peaceful Kingdom without drinking, in fullness, the bitterness of the cup of martyrdom.

Drink the cup of martyrdom as you carry patiently the Cross of Perfection I gave you.

Many of My lovers are so wise like the fallen Lucifer in carrying the Cross of Perfection.

Listen, I know how little you are, and how little your understanding was when I chose

you. I chose you because of your littleness. In the same manner, I gave you My messages

and expect you to embrace them and practice them in such a way as a child of seven will

do to the loving admonition of his father.

Happy are those little lovers of Mine who lay down their heads to carry the holy Cross I

offer them. They shall enjoy My peace. I say again, drink the cup of martyrdom and

shine in the world like the new star of the Glorious Reign.

Drink the cup of martyrdom as you stand for Me against My executioners. My lovers

must bear the symbol of the martyrs; I mean there must be perfect difference in their

mode of life. Their speech must be perfectly different, their mode of fashion must be

perfectly different; they must possess perfect virtues as I have given you in the Rose of

Perfect Purity.

My lovers will see the sweetness and joy of martyrdom in the ocean of My love. This bitter

cup of martyrdom will taste like honey in their mouths. They shall be heroes of patience,

love and purity.

My son, can I get them among My Apostles? I fear that many of My Apostles will lose

their faith before they receive the Rose of Perfect Purity. Among those who remain,

some will not receive the Perfect Rose due to their attachment to the world. Pray for

them. Pray that they will understand. Pray that they will see.


Barnabas, Remain in My peace. I bless you.”

Immediately the vision passed.




TIME: 11: 45 PM




In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ

descending from the cloud. He calmly said:

“My son, I have another project to appeal to My Apostles. Do not reject this appeal

as you did to the previous ones. Remember how you have abandoned My previous

appeals. When I asked you to edit My messages, you cared not to heed to My appeal.

That is why I hardened the heart of My Bishop to ban the further printing of the

messages, because you did not know the preciousness of My words. Even now, My

Apostles will hardly hear and repent. Children, unless you carry out this appeal,

the heart of My Bishop will not move. He will hardly listen to your own appeal.

Hear My appeals and follow them, he will hear your own appeal and bless you. I have

many appeals other than this one I reminded you. Search for them and fulfill them. The

neglect of these appeals hinders the smooth spreading of My Will to men, and deprives

many souls the grace of survival.

Children, the hour has come when you will step into the land of adoration to start the

project little by little. Be wise to follow the order, as I will give it to you little by little. Do

not move beyond My order; do not neglect My order, if you go beyond or neglect My

order, you will have problem and My Mother’s Heart will be in great sorrow for

seeing you in trouble. I in turn will be annoyed.

Children, I heard your prayers over the land. I will give you a land of adoration even if

these people fail to release the land. I say, if they fail to release the land, that land shall be

cursed! It will never yield a crop or hold an inhabitant. Pray that they will see,

understands, and be blessed.

Children, the first thing you will do is to help the parishioners to finish the church

building. Help to complete the two wings, which they have abandoned. I am the One

Who inspired My Priest who planned the foundation of the Church for My future use. I

say: appeal to My children who are waiting for you to call. My children will come and

have my blessing. They are all over the world waiting for you. Children, remember that I

need the holy sweat of My poor lovers for My work. This holy sweat will sanctify My

Temple and make the work and all the effort acceptable in the sight of your God. Do not

reserve any money for the land except for the propagation of the devotion. The Church

Building is part of the land. Use all, when the time for anyone of the projects comes; you

will lack nothing.

When you begin children, when you have made progress in the church building, you will

then take up the work of the Rock of Gethsemane, the Chapel of Reparation near the

Church as I have given you. I will show you the full plan of the Chapel of Reparation

when you begin the work on the church building.

Children, My Mother wishes her three children to help finish up her little Grotto and to

develop the arena for devotion. She will be happy to see them taking up the work with


Children, when you begin the work on the Rock of Gethsemane, the third step is the

mounting of the Crucifix. I will not speak much till the time comes.

Listen, My children, the reason why you will not neglect this appeal is that, very soon, My

Priest, the bearer of My agony, will be given a posting where you will not come as you wish.

Nowhere will welcome you except the land I gave you and My children for prayer, the Land

of Peace in the time of Tribulation. Make all effort to possess the Land. Two of My Priests

of this devotion will sit with the Parish Priest to discuss the issue and the work will begin. Be

wise to manage everything well. May all use their gifts to carry out this great project. I say,

exercise your gift, I bless you more.

Children do not leave this work for the parishioners. It is now your hour to take over. They

have, indeed tried much; My poor people have been doing the work for the whole world.

Children, I appeal again, “Do not neglect this work like the previous ones. I will direct this

project in the days to come.

Barnabas, remember the Apostles of this devotion in your prayer that none will live like

Judas Iscariot whose sole interest was how to gain material things, even if it warranted

stealing. Continue your prayer. I am with you to hear your petitions.

I love you. I bless you.”




TIME: 12.00 NOON




During this hour, I saw a vision of a little Saint of God. She came down with a Rose

flower in her hand and gently said:

“Little friends of Jesus, I am your daughter Cecilia. I was sent by the Agonizing

Master to come and share this painful message of love with you. How do you enjoy

these loving days in this desert? May Jesus who called you nourish your soul with

His grace.

Your Master is in a great agony! Your Mother is weeping deeply! The agony of the Two

Hearts of Love is so great. The wrath of the Eternal Father is about to descend on poor

humanity. Little friend of Jesus do you know why?


The Priests and the Religious are the cause of the great Agony. Jesus is weeping for

His Priests and Religious who have lost the grace of chastity. Friend of Jesus, the sin is

so great. I say, it is greater than you can imagine. Truly, I say to you, over 90% of the

living Priests of God and the Religious are lacking the grace of chastity. From the

ending of the 18 th century to the present, over 80% of the deceased Priests and Religious

are in Hell because of sins of the flesh, the sin of impurity. Great! Great is the number

of poor humanity whom they have dragged to Hell with them. O what a painful loss!

Friend of the Beloved, Jesus is weeping deeply for His Church. See, His church has

chosen the worldly and the intelligent for her Priests and Religious rather than the pious

and simple ones. Spirituality and holy fear to God’s commandments have been wiped out

in the Seminaries and Convents. The fruit of chastity has been uprooted.

Friend of the Beloved, what pains Jesus most is the large number of His virgins whom

those Priests have defiled and caused to be lost. Worse, the Religious Sisters have

engaged in this impure act with the Priests of the Living God. Great is their damnation.

Friend of the Beloved, Jesus said: My Priests have wounded My virgins. Many are

lost. Many are sick; the very few that remain have no hope. Who will comfort

them and tell My Priests to change before the wrath of the Eternal Father


These little virgins are in the care of the Priests of the Living God. But see, they have

turned against them to destroy them.

Friend of the Beloved, Heaven has cursed those Leaders, Priests and Religious who have

caused these virgins to fall. The Voice of Heaven says; “woe to those Leaders, those

Priests; and those Religious whose way of life will cause any of these little Angels on

earth to lose their faith; the fire of Hell will not be enough to reward them. Their

days on earth are cursed.

Friend of the Beloved, how those Priests and Religious will curse their vocation is so

painful. Cursed shall be their hands that lifted the Body and Blood of the Son of

God; these hands shall be devoured with the fire of Hell and in the bitter agony of

the everlasting Hell, cursed be their mouth that preached Christ as the Saviour of

the world whereas they are damned. When they remember their words of

absolution that had freed many from Hell while they themselves are damned, their

agony will multiply.

O, loving Priests of the Beloved, look at the bleeding Face of Your Master, He is calling

you to return. Come and console the Agonizing Heart! Come and wipe the sorrowful

tears of Your Queen.

Jesus said to you, “Go and heal My wounded virgins. Comfort My little Angels. Sow

the seed of chastity again in the world. Train up more virgins in the world.

Our Queen’s appeal: “Let the Priests and Religious of My Beloved Son, dedicate

themselves to the Precious Blood of my Son, Jesus. May they receive the Rose of Perfect

Purity. I will obtain for them the grace they need.

Little friends of Jesus, when you obtain the Rose of Perfect Purity, kiss the Perfect Rose

often and offer its merits to the Eternal Father for the purity of Priests and Religious


“Eternal Father, I kiss this Perfect Rose with love. (Here kiss your Rose). This Rose,

which Your Love offered me, reminds me of my Vow of purity. I offer its merits

together with the suffering of the martyrs of chastity in union with the Most

Precious Blood of Your Son Jesus, for the purity of Your Priests and Religious. And

for the purity of all your people, Amen.” Say this prayer always with one Our

Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory be to God.

Jesus promises to refine the rotten world and purify His Priests and Religious with this

loving offering. The number of virgins will increase as well.

Friend of the Beloved, do not be a gossip. Agonize with Jesus and pray always for the

restoration of all things. Jesus is happy with you for responding to His call of

mortification. He wishes you to remain in His Love.

I pray for you and all the little Angels of the earth. May Jesus who called you fill you

with His Spirit. Remain in His peace. Bye.”

She waved and vanished in the cloud.

Immediately, the whole vision passed.




TIME: 3.00 PM



In my prayer during this hour, there was a flash of lightning. Instantly, I saw a vision of

the Agonizing Jesus Christ on the Cross, bleeding. After a while, cloud came down and

covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ,

Who calmly said:

“Barnabas you have heard My daughter. Indeed, My agony is great for seeing My Priests,

and Religious trooping into Hell every minute of the day, due to the sin of impurity.

Modernism has changed them. See they are after material things rather than spiritual good

of their souls and of other souls. Woe to those leaders, those Priests, and those consecrated

ones who will deform My little Angels on earth, the fire of Hell will not be enough to pay them

back. Their days are cursed!


Barnabas, pray for them. I have seen your effort in this desert. As you go, remain closer to

your true living being. My people are stubborn. They are hard to train. Now I am giving you

My Spirit for you to be more stubborn in the line of truth than they are in the line of evil. Do not

fear to proclaim My messages in the world. Open your month; I will let the true fire of purity

flow to burn out evil in the darkened soul.

Go! It is now the hour, to preach My agonizing message, so that My people will know My

Judgment before they stand before Me in the Court of Heaven.

I will send MY little Saint when the time comes to teach you the remaining prayer of the Perfect

Rose. In the month of June, Saint Anthony and Saint Michael the Archangel will give you lessons

as Mother had told you. I say, remain closer to your true living being.

Receive My blessings”

(He pressed His Hand on me and prayed for a while, then said:

“I bless you, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.

Immediately, the vision passed.




TIME: 11: 50 PM



I was praying in my altar after my desert outing, when, suddenly, the whole room was

illuminated with light. Instantly, I saw a vision of Our Lady with a Rose flower in her

hand. She calmly said:

“Barnabas, how do you enjoy the desert programme? I saw you in your painful

moment during the days. I prayed for you. Now I have come to welcome you home

with a message of love to a Priest of My Beloved Son. The Priest you know as Fr.

‘X’. This message is for him alone. Seal it after giving it to him till Heaven orders

you again. I will speak to him here as if he is present. Record my appeal as you



Beloved Priest of My Son, I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I am the

Queen who assisted you in the desert during your training for your priestly ministry. I

am the Mother who instructed you. You can remember your promise to My Son Jesus.

You can remember your promise…

Now I come again to you as a Mother of Sorrows, I have seen all your efforts, your

sufferings, your sleepless nights, and your agony of soul.

Jesus is happy with you. I am happy also for having you as the Priest of My Beloved


Priest of My Beloved Son, this happiness is not complete because you are ending like



May My holy tears obtain for you the grace of understanding and ability to change.

Priest of my Beloved Son, the Agony of my Son is so great for seeing the material needs

of the people dictating the direction your ministry so much… Jesus rather needs to see

you leading His lost sheep back to Him through the desert way, with their crosses on

their shoulders. But, instead, the little flock of God under your care reject their crosses

and curse the hand of my Jesus who offered them the crosses. They say; to hell with the

road of the Holy Cross.

Priest of My Beloved Son, you know that there is no other way which can lead to the

land of happiness other than the road of the Holy Cross.

See! Which way are they following? How can they be saved? They come for miracles,

not for adoration. They are like Israelites who followed Moses. No amount of miracles

can change their lives. If you give them food; they request for meat; if you give them

meat, they request for water; if you then give them water, they will request for milk.

Their material needs are insatiable. Here, I stand my dear Priest of my Son, to say that

all miracles based on earthly needs are not necessary for salvation. They only serve

to condemn the faithless ones in the Judgment Seat of God, since they will fail to believe

after the miracles have been shown to them.

How many miracles did my Son perform during His ministry on earth? How many did

He cure? Who crucified Him? It is the same people who saw all the miracles He

performed; the same people He cured. Priest of my Beloved Son, there is one great and

hard miracle that can last. My Son Jesus found it very difficult to perform during His

days on earth. The miracle is to convert a sinner and direct him back home through

the desert way, the only way that leads to our happy home.

Believe! It is the hardest miracle and the most faithful miracle. Seek to perform this



Priest of my Beloved Son, listen again: Truly, God did not send evil to His people, but He

allows His people to pass through the fire of purification. That is why He allowed

ungodly people to rule His people, so that the nation will be purified from their sin or

else the wrath of the Eternal Father will descend…

The evil of this nation is so great, that is why God permits the wicked people to rule the

nation. If not, the Eternal Father’s wrath will reward the nation, worse than He did to

Sodom and Gomorrah.

Tell the children of God to return to their God. Let the nation do reparation for their

sins. If they fail to change, leave them to suffer the persecution of the wicked leaders.

When they change, their God will heal them and bless them with good leaders.

Priest of my Beloved Son, may the needs and problems of the people not move you to

command your God. You are a Priest of the Living God in the line of Melkizedek. Do

no pray like them. Teach the people the merit of their crosses. If you listen to my

appeal and admonition you will gather many little lilies for your God.

Priest of my Beloved Son, I have another appeal for you. The appeal reminds me of your

promise to me in the desert. I appeal, “return and renew the Tradition of the Church

which the wave of Pentecostalism has thrown off balance; so that the Church will still

train up more Saints before the end comes. Pentecostal ways cannot do it. I know you

will understand well. I know you will wipe away tears from my eyes; that is why I cry to


I fear only one thing, your humility. If you realize the wounds that have been caused, can

you bear to heal the wounds? I will pray for you.


When you realize, do not regret much. I am the cause. I have allowed you to experience

all. The hour has come for you to return and renew the Tradition of the Church.

This is the greatest achievement you are called to do for the Church. Do not go further

when you realize…I will obtain for you the grace to realize soon. Instead, begin your

work of restoration.

I will remain closer to you to direct you. I pray for you that you will not be like Moses. I

am the Rosa Mystica, the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Remain in my peace

from Heaven.

Barnabas, send this message to him before Good Friday. Send it along with the

Holy Face and the Crown of Thorns. This is a gift from Mother. May the peace

from Heaven remain with you.”

She waved and disappeared in the cloud. I came back to myself. The whole vision




DATE: 26TH MAY, 2002

TIME: 11.30 PM.