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JULY NOVENA Day 1 Message


DATE: 1ST JULY, 2002

TIME: 8.00 PM



Today being the first day of our novena in the month of July, in our prayer, I saw in a vision Our Lord Jesus Christ hanging on the Cross, bleeding. After a while, cloud shook and then appeared the Holy Agonizing Jesus Christ who calmly said: “I am happy to see you and all my people who knelt before me in prayer and sacrifice in this great month of July. May my peace remain with you all. In this month of July, I have to see that you attain the level of all perfection. Happy are all who are growing with my lessons starting from the year 1997 to the present day. They shall enjoy the truth of the divine mystery. I see with joy, the future generation who will reap the fruit of these loving teachings, which many of my apostles now are neglecting out of pride and arrogance.

On those days, I will enjoy a loving relationship with my people; I will find many hearts that are worthy of my Sanctuary. Therefore, in their hearts I will receive much consolation. I say, I will receive the consolation that my lovers of this day have failed to give to me. For the sake of the Little Lilies of the future generation, my joy has obtained for you another lesson in this great month of July.

My children, you shall receive from Heaven in this month of July six Golden Levels of Peace and one odd level. These Golden Levels of Peace are the levels of all perfections; I will send little Saint Theresa to give you the lesson on the odd level tomorrow. On the third day, Saint Alphonsus de Liguori, for the first level; Saint Jude on the fourth day for the second level; Saint Francis of Assisi on the fifth day for the third level; Saint Lucy on the sixth day for the fourth level, Saint Jerome on the seventh day for the fifth level and St. Padre Pio as you call him on the eight day for the sixth level.

On the last day, my Mother will teach you how to attain all these levels and admonish you greatly. My peace will be with all who embrace these lessons. I will bless you and make you my home.

Children, I am appealing to you to grow with my lessons. Your coldness is one of my greatest agonies. My lesson is not a proverb. My lesson is truth that comes out of the heart of love. I appeal to you to grow. Put my teachings into practice. May I renew the world through you.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who loves you. I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.’

Immediately the vision passed.

Meditations on the Precious Blood of Jesus July 1st

The Precious Blood--Its Name

Why is the Blood of Jesus called the Precious Blood? Because it was the blood of God Himself, veiled under the form of man; and therefore every drop of it, flowing through His sacred veins, deserved our supreme homage, as being united to His Divinity. Hence we can adore the Precious Blood as we adore the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and all else that belongs to the Sacred Humanity, with that supreme homage that belongs to God alone.

We also term it the Precious Blood, inasmuch as it was the Blood of One Who was not only full of grace, but was Himself the source of all grace. The grace that dwelt with Him was infinite, and the grace that manifested itself through the veil of His flesh had no bounds or limits, save those, that the mere fact of His Human Nature carried with it. If, therefore, the blood of the Saints is counted as most precious, if we treasure up a piece of cloth stained with their blood, how much more is the Blood of the King of Saints precious beyond all price?

The Precious Blood is also precious on account of its effects. One drop of it is sufficient not only to cleanse the world from sin, but to earn all possible graces for all the millions who have ever lived on earth. How infinite then must be its preciousness! What has it not done for man? What has it not done for me? It has washed me clean and made me pure, in spite of all my sins. O Jesus, give me an ever-increasing devotion to the Precious Blood!

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