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17TH NOVEMBER, 2002 (11.00 pm)




In My prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of the Holy Agonizing Face of

Jesus Christ that was bathed with Blood. He appeared before my altar and

kept silent for some moment and finally said:

“Peace be with you, My Son, peace be with you, My lover, I come to reveal

to you and the nations of the world the trouble that will befall the world as

a result of the desecration of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. I am the

Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who receives all the bitterness of your sin.

I am weeping deeply for this, nation. If this nation neglects this appeal of

Mine, if this nation keeps adamant to this warming of Mine, in no distant

time, there will be no faith left in the land.

Children, if these abuses and the desecration of My Sacrament of the Holy

Eucharist continue, which result in the profanation of My Holy Temple, O,

My Glory will depart from the desecrators! The light of true love will depart

from them. I say the power of error will rule over the lives of all who abuse,

and those who promote the desecration of the Sacrament of the Holy


All the Convents, Monasteries, and Seminaries who involve themselves in

this act of desecration will soon disappear from the face of the earth; No

one will remember them anymore. It has happened to the land of Europe.

Be warned, so that it will not happen in your own land! Hear My appeal of

love and wedge this weapon of mass destruction.

Children, My Glory will depart from those Priests who indulge in this act of

desecration. Those Bishops of Mine who remain silent, and those who

promote this abuse and the desecration of the Sacrament of the Holy

Eucharist, will see the worldliness of their Priests. In their dioceses, the true

devotion to My Eucharistic Presence will disappear among the priests,

especially among those who involve themselves in this act of desecration.

The love for My mission will vanish in the part of the world that promotes

this act of desecration. The Priests of those nations will lose their zeal for

apostolic work. Instead of being the seekers and fishers of souls, they will

be the seekers and fishers of the wealth of the world. They shall be the

slaves of materialism. Money will be the god they worship. The error of

bribery and corruption will rule over their lives.

At that time, these Priests will be fighting for earthly positions in order to

have wealth and pleasure. They will go as far as bribing authority over

them in order to get opportunity for earthly knowledge. O, if it happens to

your nation, you will see these Priests rejecting their posting of apostolic

work. All this will be as a result of the desecration of the Sacrament of the

Holy Eucharist.

These Priests will lose their grace of chastity. The power of lust will

overwhelm them. Many of the Priests will marry, while the rest will become

male prostitutes. They shall abuse many virgins of Mine in their own land

and drag many souls to Hell with them. At that time, the vow of poverty, of

obedience and of chastity will have disappeared. People of the world will see

the emptiness of My Priests, because My Glory will have departed from

them. The riches of My Priests at that time will attract thieves to My

Sanctuary. Many of My Priests shall be killed by the thieves. The wealth of

My Temple will be carried away by the thieves. The rest will die of heart

attack due to their selfish attachment to material things.

Children, if these acts of desecration of the Holy Eucharist continue, then

those lands will experience lack of Priests for My mission. Men will lose their

zeal for My service. Many seminaries will close down. Those Religious

congregations in that land who involve themselves and who promote the

desecration of the Sacrament of My Holy Eucharist will disappear and no

one will remember them any more.

Oh! I will ensure that all the High Priests of Mine who keep silent over these

matters and those who promote these desecrations will live to see the fruit

of their work; so that they will be there to suffer the consequence of their

mindlessness; and pass with this sorrow to My Judgment Court where they

will see the Face of Him Who now appeals to them to love.

See, these Religious Sisters who involve themselves in this act of

desecration will soon give up and join the world, like King Uzziah in the 2

Chronicles 26:16-21 who defiled My Presence by going into the Temple to

burn incense on the Altar of Incense. This was not the duty of the king but

of My Priest; these Religious Sisters have grown arrogant like Uzziah by

taking over the work of Priests. This will bring their downfall.

O, little Sisters of Mine, with the same voice of Azarriah the Priest and eight

courageous Priests of old, I cry out to you with love. “You have no right to

minister the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Only Priests of Mine in the

line of Melchizedek have been consecrated to do this. Leave this work for My

Priests; let non-consecrated hands not near the Chalice of the Holy

Eucharist. Run away; the WRATH of the Eternal Father is great! I am the

Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who is calling you to love. Little Sisters of Mine, I

appeal to you go back to your work which has been lying waste in the

world. Go and take care of the poor, the weak, the sick, and the widow.

Help and spread the Good News to the world. Train up more virgins in the


But if you continue in your own way to desecrate the Sacrament of My Holy

Eucharist, My glory will depart from you. You will lose the grace of chastity

and of humility. The eyes of men shall see your worldliness because you

shall be more worldly than the world. You shall see yourselves removing

your veil of purity and chasing after the make-up of

earthly beauty. Many of you will begin to bleach their hair and their skin at

that time. Men of the world will hardly differentiate My little Sisters from the

women harlots on the streets. For this reason, many of them will be raped.

Wicked men will break through their convents to rape them. Rapists will

kidnap them on the way.

At that time, many of them will volunteer to give up their vow and join the

world of prostitutes. Evil will spread everywhere at that time. Virginity will

be a word of the past. Fear of God will disappear, wickedness will increase

until it has become worse than you can imagine. Doctrine and tradition of

My Holy Church will disappear. My Holy Church will be seen more as a

company rather than as a Church. To save a soul at that time will be like

escaping from the den of a lion. Oh! Great will be the damnation of My

people. Souls, I mean a large number of souls will be damned. This is the

effect of the weapon of mass destruction I am telling you about.

Woe to those who shall be used as instruments of mass destruction in the

world. They shall regret bitterly their existence in the world!

See, they shall succeed in putting off the light of the world. There will be

darkness everywhere. The source of light is the Everlasting SUN of the

living and the dead, the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. But see, they

have succeeded in putting it off in the world by means of their weapon of

mass destruction.

At that time, people will ask; “what are the causes of this problem and

wickedness on earth?” Some will say it is the sign of the end; others will

say the end is near.

Hear now O men of the earth that these evils are as a result of the weapon

of mass destruction, which My people have set up for themselves. Rise up

and wedge these weapons now before it is too late. Let the leaders of My

Holy Church rise up to defend the Church and the gifts of the Church. O, My

people work hard to save your souls and the souls of My poor people who

depend on you for survival.

Children, do you think that all these things can destroy the Church of Mine?

They have power to destroy lives and send many souls to Hell. But for My

Holy Church, they have no power to destroy it. I am with My Church to

defend her. Woe to the generation that will experience all these evils. I

mean those that will allow these weapons of mass destruction to blow and

attack the Everlasting SUN, the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. They shall

suffer greatly. (Silence)

Barnabas, unite these messages and that of Cecilia for Priest and Religious,

the message given on November 12, 1999 and the Lessons of the Seal and

send them to the leaders of My Church all over the world. Send them to the

Priests and Religious of My Holy Church, as many as you can reach. Do this

as from October 2003. Those I choose for this kind of mission will see to it

that it is well done. (Silence)

My Mother has been pleading for you that the coming year’s reparation be

done in the Land I gave you. But see, you have not responded to My order.

If you do respond in time, I may hear her; otherwise you go where you are

shown. Watch out to see that your act of response to My past appeals does

not hinder the preparation for the coming reparation. Be wise!

I am with you; I am with My Church till the end of the world. For the sake

of the elect, My Little Lilies on My Bloody way, I appeal, again: Rise up and

wedge the weapon of mass destruction. Come nearer and feel My agony.

Come! I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who is calling you to return.

Give My poor servant this message soon. Barnabas, do you understand? I

answered: “My Saviour, I do understand”

“My Lord, please help me in my Exam”.

Our Lord kept silent for a little while and quietly said;

“Barnabas, I will help you, but know that My agony is weighing Me down.

Bear with Me the agony I suffer for the love of men. Receive My blessing!

So, I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy

Spirit. Amen.”

Immediately the whole vision passed.



8TH DEC., 2002 (11.00 pm)




In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of the Immaculate Heart of

Mary shining like the sun. As I was looking, there appeared Our Lady with a

Rose flower in her hand. As she came closer, the Immaculate Heart

continued to give out dazzling rays. She came closer and calmly said:

“Peace from Heaven be with you. I am the Immaculate Conception, the

Flower of Purity, and the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. How do you

enjoy your days? My joy is the brightness of My Little Lilies in the bloody

way of salvation. I see with Joy the brightness of their purity. Oh, the

Sower is sowing the seed of virginity, I mean purity, I mean holiness, to

replace the seed of Immorality; I mean Iniquity. Oh, Priests of My beloved

Son, the Agonizing Heart pleads: If anyone loves to console this Heart, may

he gather my Little Lilies for me; these little lovers are my consolers: These

little lovers are my joy. Hear the voice of Jesus, Oh, beloved leaders of the

flock of God, and have the peace of God.

Listen to the programme of the coming Silence Training that will make you

mature to obtain the Rose of Purity. I will point out the specific Readings of

the programme and the time to read them, and you will draw up the full

programme with that. Be wise to put to practice all the lessons of the day. I

am your Mother who chose the messages for you. Happy are the humble,

who see the need to fill their emptiness, since there is emptiness for the

empty and fullness for the full. Fill the emptiness of your soul by means of

the lessons of the Golden Peace.

On 4th January, being the first day, after your opening prayers and hymns,

you will follow these directions: At 2.00 pm read these messages and

meditate on them for fifteen minutes. 10th Jan 2002, 11th Jan 2002, 12th Jan

2002 (12 midnight).By 5.00 pm, read these messages; 22nd Feb 1997, 23rd

Feb 1997, 8th March 2001 and 15th Sept 2000. By 8.00 pm of the same day,

you are to read the messages of 1st to 8th day of the month of July 2002

In the morning of 5th of January, by 4.00 am you shall read the messages

of 9th July 2002, 13th to 15th July 2002, then, 20th to 23rd of the same July.

By 10.00 am, you, read 24th to 31st July 2002. Remember to spend fifteen

minutes of vertical meditation after each section of the messages

By 1.00 pm, read the messages of 26th May 2002, 31st May 2002, 6th

January 2002 (2.00pm) Then 1st to 9th July 2001 by 4.00pm, read the

messages of 20th to 22nd July 2000, 5th April 2000 and 12th September 2001

By 8.00pm, you shall read the messages of 23rd to 25th July 2000; then

27th July 2000 and 28th July 2000. By 4.00am of the next day read the

messages of 29th July 2000 to 31st July 2000, then 13th Sept 2001 and

14th Sept 2001. By 10,00am, read these messages 2nd April 2000, 12th

Nov 1999, 5th January 2000, (12 mid-night), 12th January 2001, 16th Nov.

2002 and 17th November 2002. By 1.00pm, read these messages; 29th

June 2001. 1st July to 8th July 2001. By 4.00pm, read the messages of 9th

July 2001, 13th to 15th July 2001. By 8.00pm you shall read the messages of

20th July 2001 to 25th July 2001. By 4,00am of the last day, you shall read

the messages of 27th- 31st July 2001. Then by 9.00am read these

messages 1st March 2001, 2nd March 2001, 14th Sept 2000 (2.00pm), 16th

Sept 2000 (12.noon) and 12th Jan 2002.

Remember to spend fifteen minutes on vertical meditation. Again remember

My former instructions; select five good readers and each will read one

message only at an interval. Anyone can read. Do not rush the readings; do

not slow them, either. Read moderately. Follow the programme well. Try to

read the messages as I have given them to you. Do not discuss the

messages. Allow the messages to sink into your very soul as to purify it.

Allow the sanctifying fire of these messages to nurture your soul. Do not

carry any burden; lay down all these heavy burdens in your very soul as

you enter the exam. Relax your spirit. Allow these words of love to talk to

your very self. I say, mature with these lessons so as to obtain the Rose of

Perfect Purity. Heaven will give messages on the midnight of the days, and

a few minutes to the closing hour.

Barnabas, remember that this training is the last training for the Apostles of

the Precious Blood who keep to the appeal of Heaven; then they will receive

the Rose of Perfect Purity. I have done my best. I hope, you can see that.” I

said; “Mother, blessed be your Name”

Our Lady continued: “Tomorrow, I will send Saint Cecilia to give you the

message on the Mysteries of Consecrated Hands of Priest and My

Immaculate Womb. Hear her lesson and advice. May the peace from

Heaven remain with you. So I leave you.”

Immediately the vision passed.



9TH DECEMBER, 2002 (11.00 pm)





In my prayer, during this hour, I saw in a vision Saint Cecilia who came

down with seven little Cherubim. She had a Rose flower in her right hand

and she came closer and said:

“Little friend of God, Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Mother

sent me to offer you and the whole world the message on the “Mystery of

Her Immaculate WOMB in relation to the gift of the priesthood. I am happy

to be sent for this lesson

Little friend of God, I am happy to tell you that there is a great joy in

Heaven among Angels, Saints and all the Glory of God for the Feast of the

Immaculate Conception of their Queen. Even on earth, there is happiness in

the hearts of the just ones. Only the children of that Beast are in great rage

over this favour to humanity. O, it pleases God to choose a Daughter

among the daughters of Zion to be the Mother of God. What humility is this

that my God is now my Son, the Son of Man, and the Daughter of Man is

now the Daughter of God?

Listen, Oh, friend of God, as Eve was chosen and formed in an immaculate

state from Adam. Mary, my Queen, received from Jesus Christ her Son and

her God, the state of her Immaculate Conception. Like the Ark of Noah,

Mary is the only virgin that escaped the Universal Deluge. O, like the thorn

bush, which Moses saw burning but not consumed, Mary was the only One

that escaped the Original Sin. Like the Rod of Aaron, which, when laid in the

Ark, budded and blossomed without taking root, Mary was the only virgin

conceived without Sin. O, like the fleece of Gideon, which remained dry

while the ground all around it became moist with dew, Mary was the only

daughter born Immaculate. Mary is perfect, beautiful and without Original


Friend of the living God, think of the purity of the womb that will hold your

God for nine months. The womb of Mary was the chosen place honoured by

the Spirit. This womb is the wonderful Palace in which the Son of God chose

to dwell for nine months. This womb is the Throne that is worthy to receive

God for humanity.

Friend of the living God, do you know anything in the world which you see

always that is worthy and in an immaculate state as the womb of Mary

which can receive God for humanity as the womb of Mary did? (Silence)

I answered, “ the Temple of God.” The Saint continued: “O, you have tried,

but that is the HANDS OF THE PRIEST. By that, I mean the hands of the


As the womb of the Queen of Heaven and Earth is created Immaculate from

the beginning in the same way, the Hands of the Priest of God are created

Immaculate from the day of Ordination. This is so, because everything that

comes in contact with God must be Pure and Immaculate. As the vessel in

which the Son of God formed His Flesh and Blood is Immaculate, the hands

that conceive God on the altar must be Immaculate. No other hands can

conceive God on the altar since there is no other womb that conceived God

except Mary. On the altar of God, the Priest gives birth to God for humanity

as Mary gave birth to God in the manger at Bethlehem. Blessed be the

hands that conceive God, that give birth to God; that gives God to

humanity. Blessed be the Hands of the Priest.

Friends of the living God, this is the dignity of the consecrated hands of the

Priests of Christ. This is why the voice of Heaven cries in anguish and grief

saying: “it is a desecration of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist to allow

non-consecrated hands to administer the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Only the hands of My priests have been consecrated to do this; no other


Friends of the Living God, Jesus say, “I have made the truth known to you.

Your will is your will. No one can take it away from you”. Friend of the living

God I pray that you change, so as to escape God’s judgment over this

matter of desecration.

I am your daughter Cecilia. I am praying that you will change the world. I

pray for you, for the Grace of the Immaculate Conception. So I leave you.”

Immediately the vision passed.



5TH JANUARY, 2003 (12 midnight) OUR 28



In our prayer during this hour I saw before the Blessed Sacrament exposed,

the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who is bleeding on the Cross. As I was watching

cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the

Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ Who calmly said:

“Peace be with you My children. I am happy to see you here in this year of

great apostasy and of confusion. I say again; peace be with you all. Throw

away your humanity that burden you and have your soul at peace. I am the

Agonizing Jesus Christ Who called you all. Come and have peace.

Listen, My children, this marks the final training for the first selected

apostles of this devotion of Mine, so that you can receive the Rose of

Perfect Purity. I have given you all you need through My Mother, My Saints

and through My Voice of Love. But see that many of you are still far from

this call to holiness I mean perfection.

Children, if you do not mature now, when will you mature? I am looking

with fear that only few among you will obtain the Rose of Perfect Purity. At

the second renewal of your consecration, it seems to Me that very, very few

of you will return to Me to renew your vow. At the third renewal of your

consecration, I have no hope of seeing many of you. But I have prayed for

you that all who love will not loss. So pray for the grace of Perfect Love.

In this year, the Beast will achieve great but I will achieve greatest. The

Man of Iniquity will be a bit revealed, but the Son of Man will be made

known. I say that your own eyes will see darkness enveloping the world.

Power of error will fill the earth. But to those of you who remain in the light

of love will never walk in darkness. I will spread this devotion of My

Precious Blood all over the world soon so that the little Lilies will be

comforted and strengthened.

I see your trouble over the little words of admonition of your bishop, yes

that must trouble you, since you cannot obey Me over My common appeal

since 1997. I say edit My messages well and compile it with clear edition.

This is the greatest treasure you have. No gift I gave you in this devotion is

greater than this, but I have forgiven you. If you obey Me, your worries will

pass. Even if you were to be chased out here, you will be welcomed there.

Obey Me, you will have your soul at peace.

On the next midnight, My Mother will instruct you more on the other day,

St. Cecilia will give a message to the Voice of the Little Lilies. Then will give

you final advice before you go.

Children know this about the coming Reparation of the month of

September. The entire programme will be on the chosen arena starting

from 11th of September to 16th of September as usual. The rest of the world

will join you as from the evening of 13th of that month. You need a shelter,

you need a Chapel or a Church where the Altar of Reparation will be

decorated or built. All shall eat communally; you shall feed all. If all these

things are ready or can be ready before the given date of reparation, you

will have no problem, if not, plead for adjustment and better site.

I will make sure that all the instruction and programme of the days are

ready before the month of July. I will be happy if you make the reparation

great. After the coming consecration there will be no other consecration till

that day, I mean the feast day. But you, the apostles of Mine will go in

various dioceses to train them with days of retreat before the given month

of reparation. I invite the whole world, send your invitation to My bishops,

and inform them of the consecration. Any bishop, priest, or religious who

comes on that day and have himself or herself consecrated will obtain the

Rose of Perfect Purity. I have this privilege for them because the day is a

great day. Any visitor who comes from other nations, other than yours, will

obtain the Rose of Perfect Purity if he or she is consecrated on that day.

Children, make this feast great. Fear nothing, I promise to draw all men to

Myself through you. Only obey and surrender. Even your bishop, will one

day spread this devotion. But how many of you will remain at the time?


Have faith; be obedient to My appeal. So I bless you, in the Name of the

Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Immediately the vision passed.



6TH JANUARY, 2003 (12 midnight) OUR



As we were praying during this hour before the Blessed Sacrament

exposed, Our Lady was knelling in adoration. As I was looking cloud came

down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, Our Lady appeared again

with Rose flower in her right hand and quietly said: “Peace from Heaven be

with you my children. I am your Queen, the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus

Christ. I am the Flower of Purity. I come to give you a message of hope and

appeal to you for one more thing before you obtain the Rose of Prefect

Purity. (Silence)

Children, I have given you all you need to obtain the Rose of Purity. Today,

I set you out in the world as the New Star of the Glorious Reign to show the

wise men of the world where the newborn King is lying. As you see

darkness enveloping the world, the error of modernism fills the earth. The

Holy Church of my Son is under the terrible wave of great apostasy. The

whole world is looking forth for the coming of the King of Glory. When the

King comes, the world will see peace again; Holiness will reign on earth.

On this virgin Land of yours, my Son had announced the birth of His reign

of peace. This means that the Glorious Reign of God is with you. See all

that have been given to you. Soon you will obtain the Rose of Perfect

Purity. All these things reveal the birth of the Glorious Reign to draw all

men who are waiting for the reign of peace on earth. Show the way; lead

them to consecrate to the Precious Blood of my Son. Teach them the value

of the prefect rose. I say lead from this wicked world to the New Era of

Peace where holiness reigns.

Children, my appeal is: stand as a New Star of the Glorious Reign of Peace

to lead men of good will to the King of Peace.

I know you will not understand this appeal now. But I pray Him to give you

the Spirit of light to understand when the time comes.

Children, you should not fear anything in spreading this devotion. If you

obey my Son, He will permit me to speak to your bishop and his heart will

change. I am the one who send him in this diocese of yours for this

devotion and for life, when I mean life, I mean, true life. I will ensure that

my plan for him will come true if only you will obey my Son.

Children, how many days it takes you to edit all the messages given to you?

A paid worker can finish this work in a week. Children, is it because you

think no one can pay you? Take up this work my Son will reward you.

Listen, my Son requires that the messages should be well edited; by

editing, He means, well punctuated, well grouped, spelling, omission of

words and confusion of ideas due to error of man. When you finish the

editing, the message will be grammatically and theologically error free.

Children, you must, must make you time for this great work before you can

achieve this goal. Some people among you must devote their time. I will be

happy if you can obey.

Children, when you go do not forget all you have learnt, live by them. Let

the perfume of holiness diffuses through you to the ends of the world.

Barnabas, when you finish the editing of the messages I will send you to

your bishop again to fulfil my promise. Be certain to obey him. Find out

what he wants you to do and obey. But do not act with rumour or beyond

his order. I am telling you this now so that you will have your soul at peace.

Pray for the weaker ones among you. Pray for the leader of the flock. Pray

for the Holy Father. I have done my best for you to obtain the Rose.

So I leave you. Peace from Heaven remains with you all.

Immediately the vision passed.



7TH JANUARY, 2003 (12 midnight) OUR




In our prayer during this hour, I saw before the Blessed Sacrament

exposed, a Saint who knelt in front of the Blessed Sacrament exposed on

the altar. I recognized her as Saint Cecilia with her usual smile. She said:

“Friend of the Living God, it gives me a great joy to be a chosen Saint

among the great Saints of God to be a messenger of God for the great

apostolate through which the Reign of Peace will manifest. I am your

daughter Cecilia.

Tonight, I come to give the Voice of the Little Lilies of God a message,

which Heaven has for them. Listen o Little Lilies of Christ. You have been

chosen to bring about the renewal of the choirs of God on earth. So you can

see that the wicked Lucifer has succeeded in transforming the music of old

into its own. Even the Holy Church of my Christ Jesus had lost its solemn

hymns to join the wicked Lucifer in its empty music.

Friends of God, you should know that this wicked Lucifer and his agents

were once angels of God. They were among the Heavenly Choirs. Now they

had been chased out of God’s glory, the power of evil had overwhelmed

them. Yet they still like music, but the kind of music that moves them are

those empty and passionate songs that ignite the fire of pride of lust in the

soul of man. The songs of this wicked spirit, I mean Lucifer also move the

emotion of man for war and for revenge. You can see the action or effect of

these wicked spirits in the world around you.

Friend of the Living God, this is what motivated the Queen of Heaven to

obtain this gift of the Voice of the Little Lilies; so that the true worship of

God will come down on earth. Heaven promises to bring down the Heavenly

Choirs on earth, if you can embrace this holy gift with love. As you can see

the Holy Church of Christ enveloped with the Pentecostal music and

dancing, Heaven wants to bring about the return of the solemn hymns,

which inspired by God. I am the Saint whom Jesus has handed the Voice of

the Little Lilies over to train. If you submit, I will form a great Choir from

you for the glory of God.

Jesus promises anyone who has the privilege to be one of the voices of His

Little Lilies on earth to join Heavenly Choirs. Listen to what He said to me

when He sent me. He said, “My daughter, go and form on earth little choirs

that will resemble My little Cherubim. My children are loosing their holy gifts

they received from Me; go and train up for Me, My little ones to bring about

the renewal of My solemn hymns in My holy Church. Teach them to free

their souls from the world; teach them to be holy”.

Friends of the Living God, I have come, listen, the little choirs of Christ

must be holy. You must hear all the appeals of my Jesus and obey them. O

you must hear His appeal of purity, of modesty, of love, of humility, and of

kindness. Anyone who wants to join this little choir of Christ must hear this

appeals and obey them.

I will come again before the Month of September to teach you Little Lilies of

Christ why musicians are highly possessed by the spirit of Lucifer. I will

teach you how to be a saint and how to hear a voice of God. I will obtain for

some of you a special gift from Jesus to hear the songs of the Heavenly

Choirs. I myself will teach you much.

Establish this Choir in your Gethsemane groups in your Dioceses and in the

National as I called you. The greatest adoration you will offer God on that

great feast day is your hymns of adoration.

Before I leave you, listen to this instruction; the journey of man on earth is

warfare only a man of grace will conquer the world. The source of grace is

very hard for the proud, humble man finds it very easy. Grace is the hope

of your survival. Be humble and gather the grace. My Jesus will give you a

farewell message by 11.00 am. He will bless you. I am praying for you,

may you all obtain the Rose of Perfect Purity. So I leave you”

Immediately the vision passed.







12TH JANUARY, 2003 (3.00 pm)



In my prayer during this hour, I saw, in a vision, St. Cecilia, who said to


“Friend of the Living God, Mother is happy over your decision to edit the

messages. She sent me to inform you to edit the message of the Seal as

well as the other messages you will attach to the message of the Seal.

Remember that you will spread the message as from October. You will be

told how to do this before the given date. Be certain that everything is

ready before the given date. Friend, if you edit all the messages well,

Mother will be very happy.

She will come on the 19th of this month to give you a new direction on how

to carry on the devotion. Pray for strength and peace for those that will do

the work. I was sent to tell you to pray a Chaplet of the Precious Blood for

a needy Priest in China, by name Joseph. Pray that he will not despair.

Pray for God’s Grace. Barnabas, be courageous. So, I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.






In my prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision Our Lady coming down from

the cloud with numerous Angels, too many to be counted. She had a Crown

of Thorns in her left hand and Rosary in her right hand. As she came closer

she gently said:

“Peace from Heaven be with you My son. I am the Queen of Martyrs, the

Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I come to console my Little Lilies who

are suffering martyrdom of hearts for the sake of their Christ. The greatest

martyrdom is the suffering under holy obedience. This is the kind of

martyrdom, which wounded the heart of my Son most. Though He has

every authorities and power. He surrendered all and suffered under

obedience even unto death. The victim souls like Him will suffer the same


O Little Lilies of Christ, be courageous and obedient to the Church of God

and authorities in the light of truth. Do not give up your prayer life. Multiply

the Gethsemane hour of prayer in every family and in little groups. I say

build up altar of prayer in your homes and offer the whole world to God

always. Rejoice because your martyrdom is a process of renewal. God is

doing His mystical work of renewal through your weakness. The weaker you

are the more His work of renewal manifest. The more they silence you and

this devotion, the more God exposes His truth to the world and spreads this

holy devotion. So I advice you to be more quiet but prayerful. Learn to offer

the merit of your crosses and agonies to Jesus’ holy Will for you and for the

whole world. Do not waste this merit on valueless things or false peace. Do

not defend yourself when the world mock you and call you demon. God is

the one to justify you. You should know that darkness is enveloping the

world. The more the days pass, the darker the world will be. More people of

the earth will be spiritually blind. Truth will go into hiding. True spirituality

will be called fanatism. Even the Priests of Christ will join hand to persecute

those that are living the life of the Gospel and allow iniquity to multiply. But

through the suffering of the victim souls of Christ, the holy Church will be

refined to its original state and the face of the earth will be renewed. So, be

courageous and never give up in your prayers.

My son, when you find out what your Bishop says, you are to obey him. You

are the one to find out not me. Remember the advice: “Do not act with

rumour!” When I say you, I mean you all.

My Jesus is doing His work and no one can stop Him. Though, through your

inability to meet His demands in time, He has plan to move this devotion to

a place he will hide it for its holy mission. Listen, when you find out your

Bishop’s order and he tells you, you are to stop this devotion in this

diocese, do quickly to prepare the land given to this devotion. This is your

home in the days of exile. If it happens this way, you will know that the

coming September Reparation will hold there. Know that even if it happens

as I have said, it is best for you. As you are in exile, the work for the land

of adoration will be on, and no one has power to stop it. I assure you that

you will not finish the work of that Land before you will return home to

celebrate the Reign of Peace with those who call you demon now.

Never think of missing any programme you have for the year. Follow my

instruction, when you realize why Jesus allows this to happen the way it will

happen, your heart will be full of joy. My motherly promise is to care for


Barnabas, listen to what you will do soonest before this month is over. With

the selected apostles of mine, you are to replace your Spiritual Director to

open the account you are preparing for long. I say, you are to replace your

Spiritual Director, but remember that you must be under his command and

direction. He must agree with any discussion before

you go on. You shall open two accounts one for the project of the land of

adoration, the other for the running of the affairs of the devotion. Never use

the money for one to solve the need of the other. Though you can borrow

from one account to solve the immediate problem of the other with pure

intention of returning it on the appointed date. If you miss use these

accounts, you will suffer. I have obtained forgiveness on your past laziness

and carelessness. Begin now to learn.

Listen again, if you neglect this order, you will miss much. I will not tell you

what you will miss. But if you obey, you will smile. The reason for this order

will be made known later. I have a message to your bishop. Jesus is the

one who holds everything. For my message, I will not give until I see you

finished all you are told to do. I am happy over your decision to do the

work; but I am afraid over your weakness and lack of seriousness, which I

will see when you come.

If you are serious and eager to suffer day and night when you come, I will

ask Jesus to send down the Holy Spirit to assist you. I will be there too to

help you. But if you come with coldness, I will leave you to do your will.

Smile in your suffering o little lilies of Christ soon your persecution will be

over. You have lifted Christ up on the Cross. Through your sufferings He will

draw all men for Heaven. (She looked up and prayed)

O my Jesus, look at the suffering of your Little Lilies in your bloody way and

rise to renew the face of the earth. Pour on them the grace your reserve fo

the martyrs of this last age. May the Blood and Water, which gushed from

your Sacred Heart, strengthen their faith and save the whole world. May

the power of obedience which comes from You overshadow them. Jesus,

remain the pillar of light to show them the way as they match home amidst

darkness that fills the earth. My Son and my God, I pray You to bless them.


(In a quiet tone she added)

My children, you are under my Immaculate Heart. Peace from Heaven

remains with you. Bye So I leave you.



24TH JANUARY 2003(2.00 am)




In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of Our Lord Jesus Christ Who

hung on the Cross bleeding. This vision remained for a little long time

before cloud covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy

Agonizing Jesus Christ who calmly said:

“My son, reparation is needed for renewal. Your God is deeply offended.

See He receives much insult from His people in the Sacrament of His love.

His people He purchased with His Precious Blood do not value the price of

their redemption. My son, I am your God and your Saviour. Many, I shed

My Blood for their sake are still going to hell. My son, their number is too

many. See I am making a great loss. (Silence)

Barnabas, I call all men for reparation. I am reminding you of My Call of

Third Friday Reparation for the sins committed against My Precious Blood.

On that day, you are to hear and pray the Votive Mass of My Precious Blood

and offer it in reparation for the sins committed against your God in the

Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. I will ask My Mother to make a full

programme for this reparation. Whatever she tells you, pleases Me.

Through this reparation I will bring to an end the desecration of My

Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. If you answer this call of reparation, men

will value the price of their redemption. Many souls shall be converted and

love the desert way, the only way to salvation. I will open the eyes of men

to see the merits of cross and their values. I will give them the grace of

true love. Through this reparation, I will strengthen the faith of my little

lilies. If you respond to this call of reparation well, My Glorious Reign will

come soon and your trouble will be over.

My son, I am happy to see many lovers of Mine responding to My cry of

agony. I am happy to see My Little Lilies bearing My agony with Me. I am

consoled. I am consoled because My people who had lost the sense of the

consequence of sin are turning back to Me. I am happy you make My will

known. My blessing remain for you all My Little Lilies. My blessing remains

for you. All you have done for love of Me are right. Your love has justified

you. No one has power to condemn you. But remember that I am the Chief

Commander who promises to lead you to the battlefield and give you

victory. I am with you always.

Now the battle is about to start, I will show you a hideout for your safety. I

kept this hideout hidden in the past days so as to prevent you from being a

coward. The hide- out is the teaching of Holy Obedience. I kept it hidden at

first because you did not love much; and as a result, will not understand.

On the second of February, I will send Saint Cecilia to teach you much on

this. Hear her. Her word is My word because I am the One Who will send


Barnabas, you should know that there are mysteries in the message of

Heaven, which the knowledge of the world cannot understand. To interpret

or modify what you do not understand leads to multiple errors. I have given

you all who are closer to Me the necessary things needed for My work. The

theology you have is enough to judge My message. Do your best and leave

the rest for the Church. I am God who empties the full and fills the empty.

Do not grow weak when you are to be strong. Do not go into the world to

look for help. Do not look for exterior consolation and delight. Do not waste

any second to think on how to defend these messages. The Holy Spirit will

tell you what to say when the need arises and speak through you. Your call

is not from the world, but from Me. I am with you always. All I need from

you is your purity, your obedience, and your humility. (Silence).

I am happy over your work of editing the messages. If you continue the

work the way you are doing it and finish it I will bless you. The work will be

ready for My Church.

I bless you all who are doing My work in the Name of the Father and of the

Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Peace be with you.

Immediately the vision passed.

(One Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be...)

(The Rosary: Intention: Conversion of sinners and Renewal of the Face of

the Earth)





2ND FEBRUARY 2003(3.00am)



In my prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision, Saint Cecilia who came

with two little Cherubim. She was holding a Rose Flower on her hand. As

she came closer, she gently said:

“Be courageous my Little friend. Be courageous O Little Lilies of Christ.

Your God is with you. I am your daughter Cecilia. I come to give you a

message from Jesus your Supreme Commander. This is a message of Holy


Before this lesson, listen to this: a nation under the state of colonization is

a dependent nation. A dependent nation is a slave. A slave has no will,

rather the will of his master! My friend, the holy Church of yours, I mean

the Roman Catholic Church, has been colonized by the Protestant faith and

modernism of your days.

Know you today that you are slaves of the Protestant faith and modernism

of your days. As a slave, you have no will. Your will is the will of your

master. If you believe that you are colonized by the enemy of your true

faith, you will seek for your independence. Your knowledge of your slavery

is the first step towards your independence.

Know you again that you cannot easily defeat your enemy who has entered

your camp by fighting him from outside. You must first of all, find a way of

capturing your camp before fighting back. See! The enemy of the Holy

Church of Christ Jesus is within the Church, whereas, you are fighting him

from outside. How do you think, you will conquer?

Friend of the living God, it is a painful thing to tell you that many of your

people did not know the effect of this colonization. See how they enjoy the

emptiness of Protestant faith and the sinfulness of modernism. They did not

want their independence. They do not value their true faith again. To them,

the Church is growing, whereas, in truth the Church is decaying. I say, the

Church is decaying since its holy tradition has been affected seriously by

the protestant tradition and modernism of your days.

O little friend of the living God, how can you seek for independence for

people who need it not? How can you convince the pleasure seekers that

there is a hidden treasure in the royal way of the cross? How can you

convince your ignorant people that your holy tradition is so sweet and

loving, and there is salvation?

Listen my friends I am sent to tell you to go first to your people to teach

them the holy Will of God. Jesus said; “Teach them My way and make their

heart willing to love. Spread the message of love to your people and

announce to them the importance of independence. I mean your

independence towards the return to your holy tradition. Convince them first

before charging them to fight for their holy independence. Take all possible

measure to achieve this goal. Be certain that many of you will not live to

see the materialization of this holy independence.

This is why Jesus sent me to show you the steps you must follow to achieve

this goal. If you make a mistake after this message has been given to you,

you are prolonging the days of independence of your people.

Take the holy devotion of the Precious Blood to all men. Give them the

message of true love and true repentance, which Jesus offered to you.

Teach them the merit of the royal way of the cross. Give them the message

of purity and of the Golden Peace. I say, gather all men to be consecrated

to the most Precious Blood of Christ.

When you have gathered enough warriors for the battle and have set them

on their position in all parts of the world, Jesus your Supreme Commander

will order you to announce your independence. For this reason, be certain

that the Little Lilies of Christ, I mean, the Apostles of Renewal, spread all

over the parishes, families, seminaries, convents and entire inhabitants of

the earth. They must pass through the hard gate of holy obedience to make

the will of God known to all men.

Little friend of God, I am leaving you to meditate on this lesson. By

11.00am this day, I will give you the admonition on holy obedience. I am